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I bought these Ralph Lauren RLX cargo pants off ebay for a marscore fit. The color in real life was less orange and more coral. Looks very summery and striking! They're made of cotton ripstop which feels soft, breathable, and all around great. Only problem is that they fit VERY slim, almost skinny fit on my meaty working-class thighs. They're more like joggers than pants.

Anyone have any recommendations for marscore/lunarcore pants in unusual colors that are rugged enough to work the Martian soil in?

Also, I want to know if the guy from last thread who had those Duluth Trading Company cargos in his fits can comment about the comfyness/durability/quality of those pants.

Didn't make this just saved from the first thread I lurked




Arrakeen fashion is top marscore



That's new I like it



also anyone got a fit?



whats the orange bomber?

Wish I knew m8

what would you call that style of hat?

Looks kinda like a feldkappe with the flaps down

Okay I like this.

Yeah that's me. They're the 100% nylon ones. I give them top marks in all three categories. Some of the most comfortable and durable pants I've ever worn, second only to Arborwear's Tech pants.

Y’all blouse your boots, tuck your pants, or just wear them over the boot?

Generally just wear them over, because I'm old and boring and go for toned down relaxed looks.

saw this on grailed recently and it definitely fits the colors that have been posted. promise i'm not the one selling it, way too loud of a color for me

Not my colors either, I kinda feel like to differentiate ourselves from lunarcore we should stay away from the super bright colors, but I know there are people here who disagree.

thoughts? think it may be a bit too brownish for marscore, but...its a cheap ass pair, sole and the 'leather' look like shite, but its the only one I found in my country that kind of fits the core.

Sweet, gonna pick some up then. Thanks man!

Cool! I don't even mind the brown color, maybe if you contrast them with your fit's pants then they'll stand out real Mars like. Maybe khaki or dark khaki for the pants but made of some kind of synthetic material like nylon?

Also, w2c boots?

They probably look very orange in daylight

I'll be honest, even though I've been giving these threads the benefit of the doubt, I can't say I like this style as much as lunarcore. I'm probably biased because I detest most shades of brown, and although the theme is ostensibly red, it basically devolves into the right side of this pic which is disgusting imo. A few good fits utilizing the color palette could change my mind though. In general, I'm seeing a lot of very retro designs which although I saw an excellent post about how this is something we should avoid because of the raw creativity we have to define this new style, I'm not sure it's avoidable to draw from the past (even if the only inspiration is shitty sci-fi movies and retrofuturistic concept art that lead nowhere). Inspiration has to come from somewhere and if it takes staring at a shitty screenshot of a shitty movie like to create a new way to define the style then it wouldn't be THAT inappropriate considering how Veeky Forums's creative process normally happens.

Maybe I'm being a LARPing faggot, but one minor thing I think might help to get new ideas flowing is that apparently Martian sunsets are the reverse of Earth ones. The sky turns blue just before night after an entire day of red sky. There's not a doubt in my mind that this inversion will create a powerful sense of nostalgia in those who eventually colonize, and I could see blue accents becoming extremely meaningful. Blue will symbolize the origin of our species, a reminder of a simpler past, an unbreakable tether to the forces that shaped our eventual destiny. A vision of mars clothing is different than a vision of the moon clothing. Moon clothing is the perfection of human achievement, a daring technological act that the elite and intelligent among us created for admittedly little practical purpose other than as a practice run for other planets. Mars is not a space station, it will be a younger brother.

To be Martian is to be a farmer, a homesteader with responsibility. Becoming a multiplanetary civilization is the first step in our path to forging our galactic empire, and the single thing in everyone's mind will be, "what do we keep in this new world, and what do we leave in the old one?" This will define our politics, our art, our religious debates and our ideologies for centuries. With that in mind, people will have more than enough reminding them about their new red home. They'll be looking for as much connection to Earth as possible in everything they can control, especially their clothing. True marscore is not a palette swap of lunarcore. It will be normcore with concessions made to the materials and manufacturing capabilities of the martian colonies, with a heavy emphasis on nostalgia. Red might still be a prevailing theme because of the makeup of the surface, but as soon as other colors can be manufactured it will be seen as cliche and overdone. The most obvious counters to this will be blue and green.

TL;DR more blue

Hi autism friend, put up some fits I'm not reading your sperg journal, muh blue

Cool, you should post some fits and inspo to support your vision.

Quality posts. I can see your point from an artistic perspective, but at the same time even you admit that irl marscore will be born from workwear. I think it was last thread that somebody pointed out that American frontiersmen and blue-collar workers of the untamed West would often wear earth tones to match the landscape so the literal dust of the land wouldn't soil their clothes too visibly as they worked.

And then if you calculate the milspo influences people last thread were talking about, camouflage with one's surrounding environment is always advantageous. And that would mean reds and rust-like colors and such. Speaking of Frank Herbert's Dune inspo, it's stated numerous times in the first book that one of the reasons the native Fremen are such effective fighters is their use of concealment and environmental stealth. They can strike from the heart of the desert landscape with little to no warning and then melt away into their surroundings quickly and quietly, something the Sardaukar and Harkonnen troops are unable to master.

I never understood why David Lynch chose to go with pure black for their stillsuits in the 80s movie. Black makes them stand out in every environment shown in the film and it's just gonna absorb more light, overheating the wearer. I always imagined their suits and cloaks to be perfect earth-and-sand tones.

Strongly agree user, I love blue in marscore fits and will get around to posting some one of these days.

Love em user, give those some dark grey cargo pants and you’re good to go.


Ditch the shirt and belt for something less bland and he might have something, but as this stands it isn’t really marscore. The colors of the jeans and blazer are excellent though

those boots specifically, are made in brazil, sorry my dude. they also have pic related, all black and black leather+green on the sides

Don't tell me you didn't get it

Nice rainbow six seige costume.

Those orange and olive sides are amazing, i’m mad jealous

Pic related has arrived and while the color ist pretty much spot on, the material is much more shiny than you would think from the picture, which makes it look golden. I'm gonna return it and order the black version.

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The fit is pretty awesome. It's slim and bulky at the same time and the zip pockets are nice, but the funnel neck could be a bit slimmer.

It's a bit on the shorter side, like classic bomber jackets and the cuffs are pretty slim. I'm 60kg at around 180cm and ordered a size s and am happy that I did.

The square-shaped helmet is a very bad idea, especially on Mars where dust storms carrying small rocks are frequent

Someone plz post more fits I still can't see it in my head like I get marscore but have a hard time visualizing it except with some of the better inspo pics the guy in the thread picture hits it spot on for me

Need real fit pics plz

those are really brown though, but I liked it. Found the boot in the left pic related to be superior though, I really like the classic tactical sole and overall looks nicer in my opinion. On the right, another option for marscore boots, but I think I like better

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solar powerd parka

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Nice, I really like the colors and patterns.

That's the thing though. Almost nobody has fits yet because this is new. We're making this up as we go, and these threads are where it's happening. So please feel free to join the fun by adding your own ideas!


Thinking about an Aliexpress order for some tops, going for a generally spacey theme. Not explicitly marscore but some of it is relevant. I'm sort of going for an EAS'd space soldier vibe but trying to not go too costumey. Thoughts? Opinions?

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Shirt is neat, hoodies are boring but fine, bottom left jacket is uggo. What the fuck are the top middle two? Bail Organa chic?


Should I ditch the bottom left? I like the top two because they're a little dressier than most of my more utilitarian shit.

not a single one of those bar top left looks ok, some of them are from those chinese companys that make garbage

Blackmeans. Probably only made one or two

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Get a vintage north face or acg fleece that matches the colors these look like they will be pretty disappointing on person

Good to know, gonna hold off for now. Cheers anons


I think the green shirt and gray and orange hoodie look pretty nice. Not so keen on the others though.

More importantly, I am intrigued by the idea of an overarching "space core" aesthetic. Seems like this is inevitably where this is all going anyway, so maybe we should give it some consideration.

Where can I find it? I can't find this specific model.

Why is there never a fashion croquis thread on Veeky Forums? Or does it belong to /ic/?

Likewise. I love the marscore look, but it’s not suitable for every occasion like a broader spacecore style is. It and lunarcore both rely heavily on lived-in looking clothes, which makes it hard to live up to the aesthetic as a professional

It's made by mil-tec and called the tactical flight jacket or tactical fliegerjacke. Bought mine on ebay for 55€ and free shipping to Germany.

colonizer? Colonizer? colonist

Seconded, these look like shit

Cop or not?

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Sillouette is ok, but a colorway like pic related is better

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I think those would go better with a lunar fit in general, but they look nice and could work with some darker colors.

I've been thinking about this since I got into lunarcore/marscore. Right now, we've got two styles working in a similar direction, limited by color palettes and other things.

I think we should have a neutral term encompassing all of it and different categories to distinguish what we are striving for. I've got no idea what that term should be, I don't really feel "spacecore".

Call it colonycore or something.

This is something I've been thinking of:
The moon is dead, mars is the future.

2030: SpaceX' first manned spacecraft lands on mars. Their suits are mainly white, with a bit of black and grey. SpaceX is a laid-back company, so they might let the crew take their favorite sweater after sterilizing it.

2035: After SpaceX has confirmed liquid water on mars making potential long-term habitation possible, the US has put all it's money into fueling up rockets and sending as many people as possible to mars, not to be outdone by Musk. They didn't put much money into improving their existing gear, so their suits sport their established look of whites and tans, with a few blue and bright orange outliers.

2037: Dictator Xi Jinping's health has been slowly deteriorating, since his cancer diagnosis in 2029, but his capacity for evil seems to keep him alive. However, news has broken that his cancer has been metastasizing, which made him announce that his daughter Xi Mingze would be taking over his reign come fall.


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2038: It's just like we suspected...
Xi Mingze has spent no second pondering whether the way her father did business was the right way. There are reports of 5 nuclear spaceships heading for mars, the size of which we have never seen. They are manned with soldiers clad in the red color of communism and the blood it inevitably sheds. Their spacecrafts, rail guns and clothes painted in a plethora of shades of red and brown meant to put a layer of stealth over the missions they have planned for mars.

2039: Shit is going down, the Chinese have attacked both NASA and SpaceX. A few scientists have luckily been able to flee into underground bunkers that the Chinese know nothing about and aren't very likely to stumble upon. I am part of one of the squads of the USMC that president Chelsea Clinton has assigned to stop the communist onslaught on our scientific centers. There's got to be some juicy finding up there, if she is willing to expose technology that NASA has been unable to create and the Chinese would love to get their hands on. Let's hope this dark matter is as powerful as they promised it to be. (heavy milspo influence with all the colors the us-military has to offer)

I'm so happy my idea survived for so long. Behold the file that started it all

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YOU! You've got some serious explaining to do. Particularly on the sources to every single piece of clothing on that pic.

Aw crap, I meant to include a vague reference to some nuclear disaster.

As in sources? I honestly have no idea, sorry dude. I literally just sought out things that suited the brief. I'll get the individual images and post them soon.

I figured as much, but the individual pics might make google tell us something.

Love that pic. That style of futurism is gorgeous

>I think we should have a neutral term encompassing all of it and different categories to distinguish what we are striving for. I've got no idea what that term should be, I don't really feel "spacecore".
Strongly agreed. Lunarcore and marscore are both delightful, but need to be subgenres of an overarching category. Astrocore?

Stellarcore? Futurecore?

ID? i tried the filename but found nothing

google image-search is sometimes awesome for finding sources.

We should keep in mind that -core isn't the only ending commonly used. There's also at least -wear, -wave and -spo.

I personally hate -spo, but Astrowave has a good sound to it.

Agree on hating -spo. Astrowave sounds nice, I also like "spacehead" as in skinhead or suedehead.


interplanetary wear

Colony sounds too 18th century, it sounds like it’d be a western equivalent to ouji


I'm in favor of astrocore.
I am also in favor of branching out into some sort of sci-fi jungle planet style influenced by Aliens, Predator, and Avatar.


I really dig Astrowave!

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you guys ever think about how every fashion style ever worn is just called earthcore?