How does one attain the serial killer look, Veeky Forums?

How does one attain the serial killer look, Veeky Forums?

kill serially

Try killing some people

Oh you silly goose!

its called the thousand yard stare, just live as normie a life as possible, play a lot of video games and tv, ignore western civilization crashing down around u, u'll nail it in no time

lol thats the faggot look

Suck 1000 cocks
To get that 1000 cock stare

>ominously really well kept hair
>collar shirt (flannel or strange americana inspired design)
>goofy glasses

pretty easy look OP

>pic not really related but could branch into what you're looking for OP


Take care of your appearance meticulously, hair, shave, skin care etc., and wear a set of glasses that make you look intelligent. That largely depends on your face shape tho

>tfw this is the way I dress
>Tfw Scorpio



is that Game Theory?

American Crime Story

It's about Versaces assassination so its effay af




>not choosing cult-core

>be attractive and at least 6" or you wont be intimidating to other males
>muted or dark colors
>thick glass in plastic frames or aviator frame pedo glasses
>everything about you must look neat and tidy

yes op this
you want to fit in with others but look nicer so they like you and respect you more. You have an overwhelming need for control so your appearance reflects that.
Or be like the other 90% of serial killers and dress like a deranged trucker because that's what you are.

>tfw people have joked I remind them of a serial killer
apparently bc "dead eyes," quiet/reserved and a more private person, neat and dress well, seem put together/"posh"

be handsome and not caring how you look.

Can this be a DeathofVersace thread?
I imagine Veeky Forums to be like Andrew but without any of the looks and confidence.

Confidence like being gay?