No EDC thread?

No EDC thread?
EDC thread.

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Sony Xperia XA1
Yu-Be Lip Balm
Keys with, Uncle Bill's Key Chain Tweezers, Victorinox Swiss Army MiniChamp and Swiss Army Nail Clippers
Caran d'Ache ballpoint pen
Kuppe Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Jam Tranist wireless headphones
Maison Margiela document holder
Anker portable charger
USB c cable
GBA Micro (with EZ Flash IV Reform)
Comme des Garçons coin pouch
Saint Laurent Card holder
Aesop hand cream

How much cash do you carry in your wallets?

Writing stuff
Palomino Blackwing KUM long point sharpener
Le Specs sunglasses
Hobonichi Techo planner w Liberty London case
Uni Jetstream SX217 pen
Clarins lip oil
Dermalogica barrier repair moisturizer
Aesop hand cream
Rolex Cellini
B&O Play Form II headphones
Chanel wallet

Like ~$50 when I'm in the US or Canada, around €80-€150 when I'm in Germany

Not pictured: cigarettes or housekeys

Post your butthole again.

$20 Billabong wallet
Samsung s8

>gameboy micro

absolutely excellent

what's the stuff in the tube? i keep seeing it posted here

moisturizing hand cream

20 USD exclusively for food at work

Do you think anybody gives a shit about your posts unless you post an image?


The first one is a list f what the op had in his pic

Please no bully.

You're always my favourite in these threads, but what kind of clothes do you wear with that carry?

Tailored shirts, Levi's 715 Bootcut (black), and various Burberry outerwear. exactly what i would have expected

why do you guys carry so much? I literally only keep chapstick and earbuds on me (+ my phone)

i hate your travel cup(pe) enough to post

Post full fit with all EDC gadgets.

Id on knives?

First edc pic

Now that's some proper edc inspo. So two questions 1) do you carry all that at once and 2) are you in the security business?

Impressive to say the least.

Damn thats classy

wheres your strangling wire tho

You some sort of spook or something?

My nigga.

>$500 pencil
>$200 eraser

End yourself.

You all carry far too much fucking stuff

What he said

I use the stuff I carry.

what do you do for a living?

Stop being poor.

You know I had considered that.

Problem is there's no good place to buy garrote wire.

Nokia 6500c
Pilot Couleur

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Some cheap wallet

WESC Wallet
Nokia 6500c
Pilot Couleur

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Alt right detected

Internet badass/mall ninja.

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none in my wallet
about 250 in my backpack and another 250 in my glove compartment

me on the left

How do you keep your notepad so nice?
My moleskine notebook falls apart after like a month

I make them myself. Use better thread and binding.

Are you John Steed?

w2c cdg wallet?


Not including phone and keys, but basically thats it.

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>falling for the ST Dupont meme


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good taste
lol gay

Pretty cool.
I've been considering doing that myself.

gib me lighter

nice madoka keychains
but yeah, like the other user asked, what do you do? im impressed

I want to carry a gun too :(

the poorfag's edc

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I have reorganized a little bit, but this is basically what I carry
Actually I'll post a newer pic when I get home, pretty happy with how I organize my bag now cuz before I was just throwing stuff into the big front pockets

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That's a shit ton of nuts you fat fuck.
Portion size nukka

1. Who ever got fat from eating cashews? Nobody.

2. It's obviously meant to last for several days and several portions, not for one day and one portion.

3. What's the point of carrying just one portion of cashews?

I just buy 16oz bags from Trader Joe's and put them in ziplocs

Buy a big ass bag at the Walmart for $5

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Game Boy Micro

terrific taste chap

you're not even that guy and you bothered to reply defensively? lmao

Thanks man


Shozy Zero earbuds (not my best earbuds by far, but who the fuck carries around 500 dollar ear buds to college? Not a good idea. My second choice would be echobox finder x1, which are also great rugged EDC earbuds)

Fisher space pen (seriously happy with this pen, it's really well made and feels nice in your hand, and it actually works because of the pressurized ink cartridge unlike most shitty consumer pens. It also writes at high angles, so you can lay in bed and write with it. Sick pen, highly recommended. I'm getting the gerber impromptu tactical pen soon)

Karl Marx finger puppet (from the unemployed philosophers guild. Don't worry, it stays inside my coat pocket and I only pull it out around fellow comrades)

Felix Argyle rubber strap (ordered from japan, they're discontinued now, they were limited run I imagine)

down with everything button (custom made from my lgbt center)

hydro flask (great coffee mug. I need a good water bottle too though, because I'm always getting dehydrated by being an idiot and only drinking coffee and no water)

mighty wallet (great, thin wallet, durable, has lasted years)

high sierra backpack which has been in my family for fucking decades (seriously, they passed it down to me, it just hasn't broken yet)

Dakota "Moon glow" watch (had since fifth grade, I don't know how to set the time on it though, so come daylight savings time I'm kinda fucked)

Suncloud sunglasses (I got these from a wilderness shop. They've lasted several years and I would honestly buy them again if push came to shove).

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>i need fat.jpg


I just figured out how to set the time on the watch lol

Fucking nice, love the card holder and opinel, and that j-frame is gorgeous, very comfy.

we expect you on /k/, brother.

very minimalistic, i like it.

w2c the otf knives?

Be my goth gf please

display penis

Only fa post so far

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slim dark brown leather wallet
keys w/ a dark green survival bracelet hooked around em
zojirushi full of coffee

good to go

>posts on imageboard
>describes image instead of just posting the image

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I thought I painted a picture with that description

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clearly not you dumb fuck, you forgot to mention your gold Casio classic men's digital watch

Looks like the otf is a microtech ultratech, idk what the liner lock knife is though

Where do you carry yours, bröther?

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>Letterman Juice C2
>Thrunite T10
>Benchmade 940-2
>Wallet that I made by hand

Don't call me a fag for the juul, I'm using it to quit smoking. Also saving up to buy a Glock 26 or M&P Shield as first handgun.

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Juice is nice. I would carry mine if I couldn't use my backpack for work. Honestly keep two Leathermans in my bag lol. Sometimes I need two sets of pliers

Where do you think you are?

dude, where's your Aston Martin key fob?

jacket if applicable, else tucked in belt.


No Car?

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this is a good thread
Replacement leatherman this weekend

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one of the only good ones


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how do you have so much expensive stuff but no car

what's that?