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Terre d'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche is fantastic.

Viking did nothing wrong.

I just got this delivered but it was shipped to my office and I am currently out of office until next Sunday. :(

Nautica Voyage or Moschino Uomo for a cheap, active/gym frag?

Neither did it do anything right.

does somebody know a green frag thats not sweet? i cant stand sweet frags but green and not sweet seems to be rare.
extrapoints if not that expensive

Green Irish Tweed

>not that expensive

I finished my decant super quick, very fresh/watery orange. I like it a lot but I don't like aquatics and something in the watery notes must put me off.

Any similar reccs? Possibly more "natural"?

there's so many fucking frags to choose i dont know which ones i should get samples of

there was an user here who wrote descriptions of a bunch of popular frags for people to grab samples of, but people kept shitposting the guide. Idk if he's in this thread still.

Very true. Now try Bulgari Aqua Amara.
You too. Aqua Amara. It's not really an aquatic. You get a very natural and balanced orange / neroli / patchouli / incense. Available deeply discounted online. Full day longevity. Great value.


should I do it?

I am contemplating it too user, Royal Oud is top tier

Anyone have any recs for crisp, interesting summer frags? I've read the big infographic but it's kind of overwhelming

Or if anyone is in NYC is there a boutique place that specifically stocks fragrances I can go to?

site and coupon?

How’s Creed Spice and Wood? I can get a bottle for a pretty good price, thinking of grabbing it.

That guy was a fucking mongoloid. There's already an info graphic, asshole. You probably are that guy as a matter of fact.

i have versace pour homme and eros.
what should my next cop be?

wtf I love Eros now


>not S A U V A G E

What do you think of Kouros, /fg/?


apparently it smells like sweaty balls

went to Paris a couple months back and got a huge thing of Aventus Creed for half of American prices

Exactly. My bottle goes unused. It's fine but I would much rather use something else just about every time.


Bought my Aventus in Paris as well, 100ml around 190 euros.
Next year I'll buy 250ml.

I love the smell but it's dated and I wouldn't wear it.

Bleue Issey

Looks like I'll be smelling of Creed for several years.

Why would you buy 200+ ml?
Won't your tastes or style change in the years it takes to go through all of it?

17 oz? you planning on selling decants or something? Or do you plan to bathe in it?

invictus if you want to be a true entrepreneur

Let me know what batch number you get in

Encre Noire Sport

2 exclusively winter frags
2 exclusively spring frags
2 exclusively summer frags
2 exclusively fall frags
2 all-season beasts

Is this the best breakdown for frags senpaitachi?

>2 exclusively winter frags
Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme
Jazz Club
>2 exclusively spring frags
Dior Sauvage Eau De Parfum
Acqua di Gio Profumo
>2 exclusively summer frags
Bvlgari Aqva Amara
Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo
>2 exclusively fall frags
YSL LNDL Intense
Amouage Epic Man
>2 all-season beasts
Egoiste Platinum Chanel
Creed Aventus

Does it smell like toilet cleaner?

Smells like the power of the ocean.

It's an alright break down since i believe you really end up with a lot of cross over

But i insist that i own 20+ bottles

that looks great.
thx, ano

Unlikely to happen with Royal Oud imo

what deodorant/antiperspirant do you guys use? preferably unscented to not clash with my fragrance

the chad old spice krakken

which old spice scent would be the virgin one?

I don't think so, Aventus is good for any occasion in my opinion. With everyday use 250 ml bottle will last me approximately for only 2 years.

Tried and loved, there's something I have to know before getting one bottle? Also any thoughts about it?

oh my bad I thought he was talking to the guy that got the 500ml flacon, but yeah another thing to consider is that people almost always prefer older batches of any fragrance especially Creeds, so if he wants to resell it a few years down the line he will have no problem

I like it a lot too, the name is very fitting. If skiing had a smell this would be it. If you haven't tried Al Wisam Day you might want to before buying SMW, a far better clone than the other popular arab creed clones.

Xerjoff Mefisto is similar but better in every way imo, and comparable in price. Try that one first, buy whichever you like better.


Miradry so you don’t need antiperspirant

The arm and hammer stuff with no aluminum and shit in it

smells like fake orange

>eros is ok
>gucci guilty isn't

um fucking why /frag/s. the smell the fucking same. fuck it, throw calvin klein euphoria and guess seductive in there too.

Has pic related been discontinued? Don't see it on Gucci's site anymore and I was thinking of copping a bottle before the supply runs dry.

Got Sauvage about 6 months ago, then got AHS Eau Extreme at Christmas, much prefer Eau Extreme, though it doesn't seem that strong, when I got a sample strip on a card from the shop the strip smelled terrible for 15 mins but then great for the next 2 days, Should I spray more than 3 times or not for everyday use. Also how do we feel about Acqua Di Gio Profumo here, thought it was quite solid in the shop but wasn't blown away then.

And Pink Sugar and Ultra Male are the same.

kenzo l'eau intense.
its not even that intense. if you'd prefer something sweeter go for the kenzo pour homme night. but you won't.

yeah if you want to smell like every other refugee

Anyone know reputable ebay sellers? Coupon PSRPRING20 gives 20% off any purchase sitewide so I'm looking to scoop up some expensive picks but don't want fakes/clones.

yea. you can still buy it on ebay

So I bought Versace Eros off amazon, the tiny little 0.17 oz bottle.

It smells pretty damn good, my only problem is that it doesn't last very long. Maybe like 1.5 hours

I'm only using my finger to apply it, just little drops. If I buy the sprayer (which probably applies a ton more) will the performance improve? Does it generally have good performance (I mean longevity)

Back me up crystal users.

In my experience, Eros lasts forever. I can sometimes get whiffs of it the next morning if I wear it out during the evening. If you’re only getting 1.5 hours, either you’re not applying enough, or what you got is fake.

I've been researching it, apparently people are bitching about the 2017 "reformulation"

Is your batch from 2013? That's allegedly the best one.

I’ve had several bottles and they’ve all been very long lasting. I wouldn’t believe reformulation talk, 90% of the time it’s retards who have no idea what they’re talking about parroting other retards who have no idea what they’re talking about.

the bottle I got from fragrancenet was a 2013 batch and it has insane performance

I might just buy a bigger bottle, it's cheap enough

Wish it was easier to find a 2013 batch and trust that it's legitimate, oh well.

I currently have a bottle of YSL L'Homme and La Nuit.
what should I get samples of to have in between?
L'Homme seems like it's great for my job because it's not too noticable but smells nice, but it doesn't really have that kind of power. La Nuit has a lot of power but I feel like I'm over-dressing when I use it for anything except a serious date.

Are the "testers" on fragrancenet just unboxed bottles and come without the retail packaging? Trying to understand the difference but the pictures don't really help.

Yes. There is no difference whatsoever between a tester and a retail bottle, testers just cone without a box and sometimes without a cap. Exact same fragrance inside. Would be kinda silly to water down testers, given that they’re what’re supposed to be getting people to buy your product.

>not wearing Aventus and getting your dick sucked on a rooftop by a qt3.14 model

What do you guys think of jeremy fragrance on youtube? I've bought a shit ton of frags because of him

I bought Perry Ellis Red because of him and I fucking hate it.

He likes shit way douchier than I like. I still watch sometimes because he gets fucking gorgeous models on there and I value their opinions, bought Eros because a model said it was hands down her favorite scent.

i can’t decide between millesime imperial and aventus

aventus kind of smells better but at the same time it’s at least $50 more and i don’t wanna pay that

I am not a big fan of perry ellis red but I know my girlfriend likes the smell of it on me.

50 dollars isnt that much more whwn you are talking about god tier but expensive colognes

it is when you’re a broke college fag

plus i lied i can find mi everywhere for 150 meanwhile aventus is 230 on the same sites
fuck that

I'm glad you k ow the difference between being broke and poor at least.

Are you guys memeing or do you really like this stuff? It just smells like obnoxious Axe spray.

It's ok, not fantastic

Haven't bought frags in five years but I liked SL La Nuit L'Homme back when I bought it, and so did the people around me. Should I just buy it again?

this post doesn’t seem very friendly user

it isn't popular among frag people/this thread, but it is still an extremely solid date night or intimate setting fragrance that deserves a spot in rotation. I wore it daily for a long time.

But then again, this is a chance to cop some samples and branch out into other scents.

Is that really so? I remember 4-5 years ago it was the most circlejerked frag here.

That's what I meant - the "trendiness" of it died out and it was replaced by current flavors of the month/season/year like Sauvage

Sauvage is the biggest scent you will have missed during the past five years. You should probably start there.

I'll try it out then, thanks.
Still think I'll pick up another la nuit though for the sensual nights.

What are the descriptors Veeky Forums considers to be the most overused/ignorantly used?


lol models. more like thots for virgins to drool over and increase views. all they ever say is oo this is sexy i like, it or no i don't like it.

One Million and Invictus

How do I sell an unboxed 2015 full bottle of invictus? I've had it for 3 years and sprayedo maybe twice


Ebay, Craigslist, basenotes, fragrantica

How is the performance on this? I've smelled it before but never felt like adding it to my collection.

Worth adding, or is it too similar to Hanae Mori HIM which I own?