Are there any clothes that are especially associated with LA?

Are there any clothes that are especially associated with LA?

fear of god

reLly represents what LA is too

baggy pants, golden uzi pendants, timbs, weed socks

timbs are literally the national bird of new york

whatcha said white boy?


>not even the classic
tose are probably like $80

Floral, button ups, vans

trevor isnt even from LA

But this has been his style since he got there

Hedi got lots of his inspiration from LA

trevor literally stays inside all day and plays games what makes you think he knows anything about LA fashion

he probably just walked into a zumies and grabbed whatever he saw first

vans, nike air maxes, nike cortez, flannel shirts, dickies pants, crewnecks, knee socks..

>he probably just walked into a zumies and grabbed whatever he saw first
LA fashion

Where nothing comes after
I'm a passtime streamer
Hanging from the rafters
I don't get out
I don't have fun
Living like a captive of the sun

I've lived in LA my whole life and I've never seen this.

Is cow chop big on Veeky Forums

>long white socks
/cholocore/ when?



i was in southern california for a week and i saw mesh techwear shoes everywhere, especially at universal studios. quite a lot of skechers as well

Let me tell you about your city

what did you mean by this?

he means he lives in LA retard

just go to dodgers stadium and you'll see like 10k people dressed exactly like that

Joggers and vans

Go Doyers!!


faggot swag and streetwear, skater shiy, insta thottie kardashian-core, and, of course, hobocore

t. local prep sailor and lonely white person

Do people really not wear this in other places? I've lived in LA my entire life and have only ever been to Vegas as another city, so it's weird to have people calling Vans and flannels 'LA fashion'.

Dont associate what tourists wear with LA fashion

light flannels = totally useless
but thats LA

common projects

You didn't look hard enough you tard.

Everything in LA is globalism. Don't expect them to have anything unique except being obnoxious cunts who think a city is a substitute for an identity (and they share that with New York anyway, lol)

Obvious choice, but any and every variation of the LA Dodgers hat.

Its globalism but that in itself is a culture, not many other places are centers of the world

this is coming from a socal sucker himself


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fuck i wear almost all of these but i live on the opposite coast. should i move to LA?

Yes. West coast best coast.

>live in LA
>only ever been to Vegas as another city

Boy, there are a lot of other places in the world, you need to start living

>Are there any clothes that are especially associated with LA?

Dickies and Zig Zags get my vote.

Just buy like five or six pairs of each and you're gold, OP.

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This is what came to my mind. I've never been to LA though.

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I can see you haven't