Is chest hair ''effay''? should i 'shave ''my'' chest hair?

is chest hair ''effay''? should i 'shave ''my'' chest hair?

body hair is disgusting

Keep it at manageable length, particularly around the nipples.

>being this retarded

its fucking gross we arent gorillas shave yourself you fucking degenerate

You must be 12

happy trails are the only acceptable form of chest hair

My current fuckbuddy likes it and I can't be bothered with shaving it so I just let it grow

yes i love hairy men

Yes, but having gyno is not. Hit the gym fatso

Don't ever be that little fag that shaves

"I" am definitely a lot buffer than "you"

>“I” “am” “definitely” “a” “lot” “buffer” “than” “you”

lmao was this thread planned out just for this bait? is this pasta?

Cool gyno bro. Do they call that buff now

yes "they" do
it "could" be

I’m physically ill

nice gyno bro love the thick suppleness
how much mg estrogen do u take per day? asking for a friend hehe ;)

post "your"chest lmao

I have an issue, really thin/lanky but have chest hair and feel it goes against my whole overall look I guess. girls don't seem to mind, but I mind a bit. am I being autistic or shave maybe??

Yes. Anyone who says otherwise is either a twink who hasn't hit puberty or a negro. Look into sleaze-core. Lift.

my fucking sides, stop drinking that soy milk, fatso