Dubs decides party

I know dubs never really matter on a board like this so heres something: Dubs decides what I wear for a party tomorrow night. One article of clothing per dubs (e.g. one dubs = one shirt). Go

Full Rick
(diaper boy drop crotch sweats if I only get one)

Full Rick

Tricky ricky
Every piece

Only this

sruli recht ostrich condom
and nothing more

second roll

third roll

this will become reality

no pants/shorts


Gold Zanottis

rick owens geobaskets

Hope OP delivers

Roll for skinny jeans

socks and sandals.

rolling for crop top


Doble that fedora

>what I wear for a party
Is it even a question

Yeah we get it you suggested Russian hardbass

Monocle and pocket watch


I mean the Party

Oh lmao

sick fit so far. rolling for mesh tank top

this means he has to wear three mesh tank tops