Are levis Veeky Forums?

are levis Veeky Forums?


maybe 30 years ago

505s and 501s are

thanks boys

I've seen this brand a lot in NYC and want to learn more about it. Is it effay?

It's so in fa that Rick Owens would wear it. What's how fa they are

They're just a staple. Not necessarily effay in and of themselves.

-511 for slim
-510 for skinny
-514 for husky
-501 for dads or fat mother fuckers

Just do yourself a favor and never ever wear wranglers.

wranglers are superior to levis at this point

you probably wear low waisted jeans lmao

these two are right

Wranglers are Target-tier and you know it.

that doesn't make them bad. even the generic department store wranglers are incredibly durable, and the cowboy cuts are literally one of the oldest jean models still being produced en masse. 100x better than any shit you'll find at a fast fashion store anyway.

That looks like something I probably wore in the 80's. Even back then everybody knew that Levis were better than Wranglers.

Not insulting you personally, as taste is just an opinion. Just throwing my 2 cents in.

i might agree with you, were it still the 80s. however levis overall quality has taken a massive nosedive since then. the denim is way less coarse now (sometimes barely even denim) and pretty much every design they've released for the last two decades or so has been trash, barring lvc.

Hmm. I could see your point concerning quality. I bought two pairs of black 510's that had identical markings/tags, but one fits like high waisted, and the other fits like the standard 510. They should have been the same jeans, but...

Still, the 510 / 511 is THE cheap jean for rockers, and I have never liked the way that Wranglers looked.

Not effay at all.
They're meme jeans that every faggot wears. Get something else.

Lee 101 Rider > Levi's = Wrangler

511s & 508s all day erryday

All saints > Levis

Their shirts are slept on, desu.

i agree. levi's makes some nice stuff that aren't jeans.

i don't like their cuts or quality

correct answer


hell yeah



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