Lookin for some clunky white sneakers. right now im lookin at the air max 90's or the fila disruptor...

lookin for some clunky white sneakers. right now im lookin at the air max 90's or the fila disruptor. any suggestions Veeky Forums?

am95's look a bit nicer than the filas imo

I wanna get these but it’s 99% worn by girls which puts me off, though I wouldn’t mind wearing women’s clothing (that couldn’t look normal on a guy).

Fila rays look cool 2bh but country and female exclusive. I would say go for disruptors nevertheless because they’re still worn less than 97s

air force 1 sounds like the best clunky white sneakers.

Huaraches are really great and comfy.

there are so many variants of huaraches, which one is the best?

air monarchs

those look like the ultimate loser fedora shoes

exactly the opposite my friend

are you sure?

Every Huarache is fine. There are almost no differences.

do the air variants make much of a difference?

Actually no. They are the same.

so there's no reason to spend extra on air huaraches?

what's the difference between air huarache ultra and drift?

Why would you want big clunky sneakers?

thot shoes

i know a girl with a trap's voice who wears black huaraches

she's half chinese half viet

because they look dope

these are hard

Since there's no /sneakerthread/ and the other one is gay, I'll post here.

Got these about 10 years ago, what do you think? :^)

Kinda. I feel like the triple is is a bit of a dead meme now.

its CHUNKY damnit!

am90s are great, theyre chunky but still go with 90% of outfits and arent too "out there"
I have a beige pair

i hate that it was a meme in the first place. i really love the way they look and would consider buying them (at retail price, of course, no higher) but every fucking retard normie has to be like LOL LE DAD SHOE

kinda dope actually, ID?

I found no ID or whatsoever, but it says "RBK (Reebok of course) Performance" on the shoe

Honestly I don’t think they’re worth the money. They’re are much nicer chunky shoes for less but I guess they have their own unique look that is hard to replicate.


its hard to argue that any $700 pair of shoes are "worth the money" but i want them bad enough that id be willing to shell out $4-500 easily and could probably convince myself to do 7

I HONESTLY don't know whether these are good or bad.

Sure that makes sense. I just shelled out for a pair of Achilles low’s and I guess a lot of people would ask why I payed so much money for plain white shoes. I really like the look of balenciagas winter 2018 shoes desu. They’re a little less chunky than the triple s and the colours are great.

I’m a huge fan of these. They’re similar but cost less.

Balenciaga Triple S are considered "HYPE" shoes, so picking them in 2018 would be kinda late to the hypetrain, they're getting played out real quick.
CP Achilles's are probably just a "God-tier stan smiths aka "a white classic shoe".

tldr - dnc please; unless you REALLY want that shoe, then wait for a different colorway, IMO.

I used to hate them but the more i look at them the more I'm into it.

>mfw £37.

gonna cop in a week or so.

Balenciaga Triple S are €650 made in China sneakers lmao. How to spot a fashion victim: The Shoe.


Google search my guy