I know Veeky Forums is pretty universally against hypebeasts, but every Chad on campus wears the same shit

I know Veeky Forums is pretty universally against hypebeasts, but every Chad on campus wears the same shit.
>Anti Social Social Club
>Off White
If girls didn't like it, it wouldn't be so prevalent, right? It has to viable in some manner because I see streetwear preteens even around the city.

So why shouldn't I drop my my effay fits and go full hypebeast? Convince me to efface, Veeky Forums.

girls dont give a shit, or more accurately, girls dont know what they like

just dont be ugly

>Veeky Forums
>caring about girls
How's your first day here?
Is it every think you thought it would be???

Cut the act, soyboy. Everybody knows the only reason to dress well is to lure in hoes. I simply don't designate they have to be art hoes.

>trying to be effay for females
never gonna make it brah

unironically this women are the most flip floppy thing on earth, one minute they want a big muscle mega chad the next they want hyper twink look good in clothes fashion faggot just be attractive and beee urself(the best version of urself that is)

then what the FUCK do i need to do to fuck bitches


Either you got it or you don’t.

Veeky Forumsfit/fa/ck/o/ master race.

Stop caring about what the sheilas want. What do YOU want to see in yourself? Most women cant point to Portugal on a map but they know when youre being fake.

Signal high status within a culture or subculture. The actual subculture or culture is irrelevant.

Pay attention to what people keep saying is not important and then pursue that stuff. Most of social life can be explained by sour grapes, false modesty, and the principle of trying very hard to appear like you make no effort.

...When I say signal, I absolutely do not mean brag or even talk out loud about your status. Like a conman, you need to let your mark trick themselves by following the trail that you leave for them.


Is this a riddle? I'm not having an existential crisis, I'm just trying to dress in a way that helps me access as much tight, pink cunt as possible. I know I'm not the only one.
This makes more sense. I guess being a hypebeast would convey I have money to throw away on yuppie trash and might get my tapioca tube tickled.
You, however, I don't even know you and I already think you're a huge faggot.

shut the fuck up loser

>wearing any of the brands you listed with the exception of maybe Gucci

>hurr durr im a autistic sperg if i spend my whole paycheck on clothes will i magically become alpha?? Please help anime forum

all the chads here get all their clothes from dicks sporting goods

>Not a Chad or Asian equivalent
Hmm... really making me think.

>So why shouldn't I drop my my effay fits and go full hypebeast? Convince me to efface, Veeky Forums.

If all you want is attention then go full hypebeast. or you could just be interested in fashion and wear/collect things you like for whatever reason that might be

have Chad standard's been lowered.

Kek. This.

And what do girls know about fashion? Look how they dress.

Girls like what those clothes imply you trog.

Maybe most teenagers in your faggot highschool like it but that doesnt stop hyperbeast stuff from being shit

>tfw filter out any bitch that doesn't dress to my standard
Veeky Forums ruined my lovelife

changs aren't chads

Jesus Christ if ricegum is what you aspire to be then you are truly at the bottom of the mariana trench in terms of social status and likability .


>dressing for girls
>not dressing for that one boy in your class, with those beautiful blue eyes...

>wearing hypebeast brands
they don't have to resort to peacocking brands for female attenion like ugly people

lmao took a while for a board like fa to get a faggot to reply

If you want to get laid, save money on clothes and hire hookers.
You will succeed 100% of the time with no guesswork at all, you lazy little retard.

Dress however you want dude lol
Wearing supreme isn't going to get girls pussy wet. It really doesn't matter what you wear, as long as you look good in it.

Dressing soley for girls seems pretty weird and depressing tho., and peacocking is gay.

>dressing for "art hoes" but still being a virgin
fuck off soyboy faggot

who cares. dress like them if you want. but mostly you will attract girls that like that look.

mostly its about the "brand" you are to women. if you dress like a metal head you will attract girls into guys that like metal . etc.

reverse engineer .

Confidence and not being afraid of being turned down, because you will be turned down no matter how hot you look, A LOT

Female co-workers compliment my fits.
Male co-workers who dress like shit attempt to trash them. Stay mad fellas

I dress nice so I can feel good about myself since I'm insecure as fuck thank you very much.

It's all about confidence retard. You can't fake it, girls are like sharks with blood in the water. The moment they even smell the slightest hint of a lack of self confidence or betaness, their vagina will instantly dry up. Those Chad's wear gaudy hypebeast shit because they have enough self confidence to not give a fuck what they wear. You just happen to notice them because in your mind you think there must be some secret stragety to getting girls.

Hint: It's not clothes.

Just become a hypebeast and leave the board

>If girls didn't like it, it wouldn't be so prevalent, right?
if this is why you dress every morning, by all means just buy the shit you think will get you girls
I doubt it will but your reasons are as good as any

ecelebs are the exact opposite of chads my dude

girls aren't attracted to streetwear brands

Guys who pay attention too much to clothes is a turnoff, facts.

>just be confident bro!
>this whole thread

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w2c squid suit?

i miss when dick's sold umbro tracksuits. those were the days


Why even ask this place, op? The soy-tittied omega males that shit up this board are dressing to impress their equally autistic Veeky Forumsggot friends. Girls don't think ankle-revealing pants and dressing like an astronaut is cute. They think they're weirdo faggots just like the rest of society. So they congregate here like the zombie things in I Am Legend.

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It's weird because the guy on the left has a shittier beard than I do, his hair isn't well trimmed, his nose looks like a little girl's, yet he looks 10x as handsome as I do. Why?

This desu

he has better genes than you


>Dressing to fuck women
You sound like a sperg. YES, a good fit helps your chances. But that doesn't matter if you don't know how to talk to these bitches. I'm a fucking Slavic Manlet and bang different chicks every weekend. Not because of how I dress, because I know how to talk.

Don't fall into the meme.

I've being going to my university in Full Tech almost everyday since 2016. And if not that, clean minimal monochrome fits.
I have a few hype items, Like my Supreme Bolt Cutters I have attached to my bag.

Your style is a direct representation of your personality. People will look at you and find somthing off.

Just be yourself, DRESS HOW YOU WANT TO DRESS.

>Veeky Forums
>against hypebeasts
how new are you? this board is a cesspool of deranged teenagers who don't care about high fashion, they just come here to ask w2c the latest meme sneaker on the cheap. Veeky Forums is on par with tumblr when it comes to trends(or "-waves" and "-cores") these days

>Living your life to fulfil the opposing genders ''turn-ons'' and ''turn-offs''

Are you fucking retarded?
Especially as a male. There's 0 need to conform to what a woman wants you to be.

>Calling every runway a soy-tittied omega

trips of ouch!


WOMEN who take care of themselves, look for a MAN who takes care of HIMSELF. That's how it works. A WOMAN who's into FASHION, wants a MAN who knows how to dress (the same style).
An ARTHOE, will look for the MALE EQUIVALENT who's into that style of clothing (dickies etc. loose pants/ old skool/af1 aesthetic)
So they will REFUSE guys who dress like THIS
The ONLY ASPECT, the single and ONLY VARIABLE that allows a guy to CROSS these BOUNDARIES is a 10/10 FACE.
But those are RARE.

VERY RARE: 0,01% .

What will give me more attention? This Burberry hoodie or a bogo? I live in Germany

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>giving a fuck about fashion
wew lad

answer the QUESTION

>trying to fit into modern women's preferences

We just want to live a happy life

modern women aren't capable of loyalty anymore. when they group together, they talk about other men that they lust over. i mean, what if they have bigger dicks than us?

You're so insecure

t. ubervirgin

Why're you dressing to please women? By doing that, you won't get any women in the first place you faggot.

Those aren't Chad's, those are niggers in 15 year old luxury cars trying to pretend like they have money

no, they'll all go for Chad regardless of style

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This image used to be a RO general

Guy on the right would literally be fine if he just grew his hair out, this image is retarded.

why is it always the ones who have never spoken to a girl the ones who claim to have discovered and exposed the true, vile nature of modern women?

>access as much tight, pink cunt as possible

But what is the endgame? What type of fulfillment do you expect to get from fucking as many girls as possible?

I’m curious because you seem pretty stupid and I’d like to spare you the disappointment.

I’ve fucked all types of girls, ranging from 9/10 stacies to 6/10 fatties and at the end of the day neither felt more fulfilling than the other, it was just sex.

Which is why I ask what you’re looking for, because if all you want is literally pussy, just fuck a bunch of ugly/fat girls and you’ll get the same type of satisfaction once you cum.

if fatties are a 6/10 to you im gonna assume your 9s were actually 4s mmkay

They were chubby girls with cute face. Hence the 6

I refuse to believe people unironically think putting on an item of clothing with a brand on the front like supreme will get you pussy. Fucking children need to be purged from this board

I hate whiteknights. Nobody is capable of loyalty nowadays especially women. Social media causing women to get constant attention for doing absolutely nothing raises their standards immensely.

Why do you think tinder is full of jobless landwhales and single mothers who think they deserve anything?

>t. never spoken to a girl

w2c pants and jacket on middle outfit

beide sind scheiße du dummspast

Something that helps you get girls is facial symmetry. I know it sounds dumb but people with good facial symmetry are pleasing to the eye. Also having a strong Jawline and chin makes you appear more masculine. It doesn't really matter if you're really skinny or you're dadbod out of shape athlete size as long as you're 6 foot and you have a symmetrical face you'll do well with women. It also helps not be autistic.

This is anecdotal evidence but I have a very symmetrical face. A website graded it at 8.9 which is pretty good apparently. I am 6'3" and I am fairly confident sometimes over confidence can come off as not confident so I never exaggerate my confidence. I have dressed in a tons of different ways but girls always told me I had good taste/style. I have been under weight and over weight and everything in between. The only constant variable has been my face and confidence level and I have gotten with girls I have no business hooking up with. If a girl has even the slightest interest in sex I can fuck them. I've recently cooled it and taken a break from going after girls and all of a sudden they're coming after me which is great because the role reversal is so entertaining. I also have developed some of my own litmus tests for girls as I get older and want a girlfriend. Honestly its all about using what you have whether that's whit, money, confidence, looks it doesn't matter use what you have.

You ever notice that guy from high school who girls ignored so he hits the gym gets big and girls still ignore him? Its because he's still boring still has an ugly face and still has no confidence he just has muscles now which no longer impress people.

Buy a Gosha Rubchinskiy x Burberry Harrington jacket and forget about bogos if you didn't get it retail don't buy it.

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>website graded it at 8.9
I get a 9 from those, and people have never come up to me

how the fuck did you type so much without actually saying one single thing?
>A website graded it at 8.9 which is pretty good apparently
those websites dont give below and 8, it's supposed to make you feel good. you are not good at humblebragging though.
>sometimes over confidence can come off as not confident so I never exaggerate my confidence.
this is incoherent nonsense.
>I have been under weight and over weight and everything in between.
wow EVERYthing in between? so like...youve been normal weight. groundbreaking.
> If a girl has even the slightest interest in sex I can fuck them.
ah so any girl you cant fuck apparently doesnt have any interest in sex; sure. and any girl that is interested in having sex with you, you can have sex with; no shit.
>I also have developed some of my own litmus tests for girls as I get older and want a girlfriend.
thank you for telling us this thing you have done. i dont actually care what these tests might be, but why did you think this sentence would be useful if you werent actually going to say anything more about it?
>it doesn't matter use what you have.
is this supposed to be helpful advice for anyone?
i seriously hope english isnt your first language or something. you are going to get seriously fucked once you get to college and have to write papers, not to mention if you ever have to interact with people outside your current little bubble.

This board really sucks. Everyone who has posted here is a faggot.

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Zeig mal was du trägst Kartoffel

Inwiefern ist der scheiße du Vollidiot das ist ein grauer Hoodie

>Anecdotal; not necessarily true or reliable, because based on personal accounts rather than facts or research.
>proceeds to eviscerate anecdotal evidence with his great sword of logic and fact
>comes off as a salty crab in the bucket dragging everyone down to his level
>wonders why women don't like him

jesus just admit you dont actually have anything to say

full yohji/cdg
dann kauf halt nen grauen hoodie aber gib doch nicht extra geld aus nur damit du n hässliches logo draufklatschen kannst nur um zu ""flexen"". ich mein du gibst ja sogar selbst zu dass du den nur für aufmerksamkeit willst was einfach nur totaler schwachsinn ist desu

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>full yohji/cdg

Hab ich mir fast schon gedacht Sojajunge. Natürlich will ich damit flexen aber ich mag die Marke auch. Ich steh auch nicht auf hypebeast Zeug aber was du trägst, rick owens usw. find ich mindestens genauso hässlich

juckt nicht. sind ja auch nicht meine $450 oder was auch immer die du für ein graues baumwollteil hinlegen willst nur weil das logo fett vorne drauf ist. man merkt aber eher schon wie frisch du bist so wie du du rick owens mit yohji und cdg zusammenlumpst und denkst dass supreme und burberry nicht hypebeast shit ist. gb2vbg

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Natürlich ist Supreme hypebeast aber die tragen eher cdg als Burberry

ja ok, die tragen vielleicht cdg play aber das habe ich sicherlich nicht gemeint, das sollte man sich doch vom kontext alleine erschließen - ich rede nur von mainline :^)

Alles japskacke

xd Brudis xd
Zieh halt 1 Hype piece an, solange du nicht wie nen peinlicher Christbaum rumläufst seh ich kein Problem.

Sei mal nicht so ne elitistenfotze, ist echt kringelig.

women cost more than hookers desu, youll have more money to spend on clothes if you just fuck hookers imo

ah ok aber wenn der mit scheiße kommt wie
>Alles japskacke
ist es nicht kringelig oder was? ist ja nicht meine schuld dass er sich nicht auskennt und trotzdem dumme sprüche bringt tbqh. halt n klassischer lurk more fall


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Wenn ihr lapskause euch direkt von shit auf 4kanal angegriffen fühlt, lern drüber zu stehen.