Breaking out of mediocrity

How do you refine your own aesthetic/tastes and develop a fashion sense?

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I'm not sure if everyone is capable of having a good fashion sense.

Tb h I never developed shit, I've known as long as I can remember that I liked English Trad. So that's what I wear.

Impulse buy, if you like it- buy it (with-in reason). Don't second guess yourself and don't ask yourself questions except "do I genuinely want to wear this?" Eventually after doing this you'll develop your own taste. For me it was terrorwave-esque clothing that really drew my attention.

Welp, you just made me spend 190€. Hope it was worth it ..

>Look for inspiration,
>go shopping (online, mall, thrift, dm),
>try to combine it with my other stuff,
>ask for people's opinion on it,

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So thrift shops are the place to go?

i remember some french philosophers quote, cant remember who.
you gotta look like everyone else, while looking better than them at same time.
basically efortlessness

thats a pretty good summary of the creative process in general.

In grade 12 I finally tried something new and not the same hoodie and a t-shirt with some tv/video game thing on it. Luckily, I got hit with a car and had the opportunity to buy new clothes. I started wearing sweaters with collared shirts and button up shirts with a plain t-shirt. I sometimes wear hoodies still but not all the time. I got compliments from girls at my school but my autism held me back from asking them out or even really talking with them. I actually wanted to change my style because of my friends. I finally had friends that were some what popular and didn't want to look like the nerd I was throughout high school.

I was moved by the frankness of your post user.

experiment and explore, duh

Thanks user

just trying to already puts you ahead of 95% of people

from there read up on your color harmony books, hit the gym and make an inspiration folder of styles that you find interesting

>hit the gym
What about calisthenics?

Calisthenics takes too long for noticeable gains

What'd you cop?

Go where-ever you feel like you'd find what you want to wear, though thrift shops offer a better mixed bag variety.

>Luckily, I got hit with a car and had the opportunity to buy new clothes.
Mashallah my brother, Allah truly is great

Been eye-ing this thing for a few days now, and they only had one left in stock. user's comment inspired me to just go for it.

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Gym is for poser faggots. Do calisthenics at home when you wake up and before you go to sleep. Planks, bridges, flutter kicks, push ups, pull ups, etc. Run 3/4 times a week, or walk 1-2 hours a day. Eat lots of greens, /stay hiddrated/

oh fuck I thought seiko was bigger

Going to the gym can literally take 30 minutes and a carton of milk every other day and youll get gains

dont listen to Veeky Forumsfaggots telling you to eat 2 kilos of protein and work out for 4 hours a day


If you work out before you go to sleep
well, good luck sleeping

you do realise that there is a middle ground right? if you just drink a shake a day and eat a bit more protein. then you will get more gains

Those are rookie numbers user, go spend another 200 on a credit card

Honestly, one of the best things you can do is first develop an eye for fit, function, and fabric.

Once you decide what it is that you're willing to invest in, you get a better understanding of what it is that you'd wear.

depends on your style

some styles look better on lean people, others look better on people with a little more definition. whatever you do just don't be fat

Female: Practice Restraint
Male: Practice Indulgence

Women go too far and are too ballsy with things they can't pull off, when they need to simply and refine their tastes to become "chic"

Men on the other hand are way too afraid of looking like a faggot and you smell the insecurity which ruins it. Going for something eccentric and unique with complete confidence makes you stand out (which you need because you are the peacock gender)

I think the perfect example of this is the chad in pastels and pink shirts pulling in pussy.

Very nice watch, thinking about getting a simple Marathon but the real question I'm struggling with is Olive Drab or Stainless Steel.

w2c the pants