Wtc jacket

wtc jacket

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help me



пoeхaвший, пpeкpaщaй

шизлo, ты cтaлкepишь?

дa, в oкoшкo зa мoнитopoм твoим нaблюдaю

That's got a generic 1980s look to it. I'd say thrift stores.

кopoчe, я пpинял тaблeтки и yeбывaю cпaть, чтoб кoгдa я пpocнycь был линк нa oлимпийкy

Copped something v similar yesterday.

one of the easiest things to find in a thrift store, at least in most of europe

Just go to etsy and look up “80s track jacket”
Instant gold mine

>v similar
Oh yeah, with the buttons up the front, the tri-chevron paneling, and oversized arms. SO similar.

Wrong it's 90s. If

> buttons up the front, the tri-chevron paneling
Essence of this jacket

Takoroka Windcrusher

i have one very similar, Nike size S, im selling it btw

someone needs to get on making real life reps of some of the splatoon clothes
there's some nice shit in those games

Heres a listing that Is similar to picture

heres another one but different colors, and more similar warm up&ref=sr_gallery-1-7

That’s a cartoon character.

You probably won't find anything like that.
It's just the artist's expression, and I think it's a good design but a lot of windbreakers and track jackets don't have that oversized design around the waist and arms area. Nor do they button up AND have a zip-up lining. You'd probably have to get someone to make it for you/DIY.
They do, but it's mostly been the more generic simple stuff

Seems your right.

what anime??

keen observation

How about you crawl into anime world and steal it. faggot? Replicating fits from cartoons is fucking retarded because those items are fantasy pieces that probably don't exist in 3d

How about you look up the definition of similar and the intensifier 'very', then get back to me, friendo.

i thrifted this jacket a little while ago. not the same obviously but it's a little similar. there's no tags on it or any other identification except for where it says "john smith" on the front there on top of purple letters saying "private club". couldn't find anything on google.

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Here, have it in higher res.

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