Do we have any other Native American people here? What fits do y'all like to wear...

Do we have any other Native American people here? What fits do y'all like to wear? Ive been rocking a lot of bolo ties and need some more inspo

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how much of ur blood is native. also northern american native or mestizio?

How is the fact that you're Native American relevant to what fits you like to wear?

I'm sorry but that bridge piercing looks awful on your face. The weight makes you look cross eyed at first glance.

75% and I'm Wisconsin and Texan native, as well as Arawak

Maybe because different cultures cultivate their own ways of wearing clothes? Sorry if this basic information is news to you.

I'm not Native American at all but I love wearing feather headdresses.

You are very cute and I like the bridge :)

Why make a thread and not reply?

ty user :*

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reply to whom?

Bolo ties are sick as fuck. I don't have much inspo besides white guys but here's cowboycore threads happening semi regularly, sometimes some native designs are posted in there.

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Aye what tribe you from?

I wear terrorwave stuff.

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op here, and I don't have any tribal card. I just know some of my family lived on a rez in Wisconsin until they were kicked out.

can you offer any threads for terrorwave stuff?

half-oneida here,

my grandma gave me her brother's bolo ties after he died. they're pretty nice and i wear them whenever i can

Should I just embrace the braided hair & western clothes look?

your nose looks cool.
you should get rid of the piercings and wear bandanas in my opinion. could look nice

Blackmeans coin pouch looks native even if it made for chink punks

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NY or WI?

lots of people from WI here. wonder whats up with that. i copped these socks recently from chups.

lots of stuff is in fashion for natives that isnt in the general populace. pendleton is big

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Just looked it up, and are you sure Blackmeans is only culturally tied to japan? some of it just seems to be influenced by a "tribal" look, and I've seen examples of African, Hindu kush as well as Native American/Aztec patterns in their design.

You get to wear cool stuff without SJWs or Nazis going after your ass for not staying confined to your race

yeah we're pretty fucking sick lol


The natives where I live wear ICP and slipknot shirts.

Where can I buy woven ribbon with patterns like this?

im seriously planning to wear bolo ties when I get older lol
but now i just has basic garbage style of nudie jeans and a random sweater, and meme undercut

i sincerely hope you're joking, and if you arent fuck you

OP here, don't go for that bait user lol

u want me to post? lol

There is a lot of ICP fans who are native american/ Mexican, and its one of the reasons that the FBI classifies Juggalos as a gang

he's just trying to trigger. if they arent actual eagle feathers i personally dont care

woven ribbon? do you mean ribbon applique? i havent seen that many southwest designs in ribbon, its more of a tradition among tribes colonized by the french. your best hope is to go to big pow wows and browse the vendors

this thread is not fashion related
FDL chippewa reporting

keweenaw bay ojibwe reporting
i usually just wear jap fashion

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White guy with native fetish here, love fucking native hipster girls and they seem to love me, dated almost exclusively native girls and only really pretty native girls which is rare imo no offense.

Back too the reservation worthless teepee nigger

where you from?

I'm chickasaw, I wear yohji, julius, and undercover cause i look asian

1/64 Lakota reporting in. How do you do fellow indigenous people?

Damn hyd Cherokee Prince??

How is native/rez wear not fashion related? Would you rather have the same Lunarcore, milspo, neo-nzi threads we always have? Lol maybe we can all make fun of those dumbasses in Supreme or Thrasher for the millionth time

I am qwhite well, how are you?

Hey i don't blame you at all, its just in your european genetics to rape any woman you see. We've all learned that lesson for the last 300 years

damn that sounds nice

A lot of our indian asses get mixed up with asian people, its a running joke between many of us. We the off-brand Mongolians


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I report all the neo-nazi threads and they never get taken down
Veeky Forums is in a shitty place right now
and we need more moderation

Ugly alcoholics general?
How much will you trade your clothes for, a few shiny pebbles? Stupid ass fools LMFAO

The trail of tears

Navajo here. Dress like edgy adult. A little punk and mfa mixed together. Still trying to get it together

I wear a moose hide jacket in the winter. I beaded some swastikas on it because i am a national socialist. In the summer i just wear whatever the chief is wearing.

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holy shit that pic is brutal

Do any of you guys live in the city? I think I've seen maybe one actual Native American in my entire life, not counting 1/32 Native white people.

Kelowna BC

Come to Canada. I lived in Downtown Regina for a couple years and i was definitely the odd one out

how does Veeky Forums even pick mods?

I'm from Chicago, and a lot of times native people will gravitate towards living in Mexican & Puerto Rican neighborhoods. Not to mention how many different native people now live in Mexico City after the US pushed them all out during the Louisiana Purchase

It's almost as if Nazis and Neo-Nazis have a distinct sense of style that's actually pretty cool (minus the current all-night white polo shit)

If you don't want to see anything related to Nazis this is not the website for you homie

>A distinct sense of style
>How y'all would actually look if Hugo Boss never designed the National Socialists' uniforms

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Only good Indian is a dead Indian.

are you a redditor or something

That's cuz you share relatively close lineage.

100% Cherokee blood checking in

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The natsoc threads that keep getting posted wouldn't bother me so much if they weren't just lifestyle discussions and didn't always devolve into bickering.

The only stuff that actually gets deleted is gore, porn, spam, illegal content, and, occasionally, way off topic threads.