Veeky Forums Evolution Thread

yeah these threads are pretty cool

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what if im still 16?

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Leave the site.

repost w/ minor edits

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>"current age"

lol forgot. 22

how am i supposed to remember what i wore age 10? Granted it's been 20+ years

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well it was kinda like thies

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wtf are you me?

I could be, are you the messy haired one?

Repost ov me

would chill if weren't fash

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that 1 my b

repost from last thread

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A yee i remember from the last thread. Do you still wear polos?

Nope. I wear some button ups. I have a nice cord button up shirt the I love a lot.

trans masc? ur cute either way!

Nah, only a fat wimp with manboobs in my younger ages

most Veeky Forums at 16

Oh, haven't seen one of these threads in a while.

Most dad in the thread.

Why did you stop squatting?

Don't buy into tropes. I feel like you're sad because you know you should be sad and your clothing must resemble you being sad.

Once you go black, you never go back. You also can't go wrong with black.

All black again, I like it.

What changed between 16 and current age?

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losed weight
more confidence
no more a virgin

Feel this. I can't really wear outfits without black anymore because It's just to big of a part of me now. I wore a non black fit to class the other week due to laundry issues, and it blew one of my long time profs mind

10/10 progression
goals honestly

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what happened after 16?
same for you, but nice dog
I think that's what it is at least

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also, nice coat photoshop.

>no longer goes to church
>only wears black
>hair slicked back
>allergic to Sun
So you're essentially a vampire, is what you're telling me/

lol thanks it would have been rough without the image

bring it back to ur full monochrome pls

Are you an history teacher by any chance?

nah dude just a student

Note that hair is not slicked back always, but is cut much shorter, straightened, combed to oblivion and conditioned to obey my authority.
Maximum control.
Yeah, I'm a bit edgy nowadays and I like to pretend I'm a vampire because this sun allergy is really bad. One time during a bad reaction, my dad didn't go to work because he was afraid I was going to kill myself from the pain and itching, that's how bad it is. He also has it so he sorta understand how badly it is.

show your patchworks


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Pls no buli

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fuck off Riker

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Damn, homie. I’m sorry to hear that. Hang in there, and best of luck in your effay pursuits!

I don't feel like I dress into tropes, I just like leather alot.


Fucking Canuck

Are you the person wanting to dye their hair pink? Are you from UK?

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Then you’re not welcome here

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I want to be your friend.

YTPs are still the pinnacle of humour

lol how'd you guess?

the blood stripes dissapeared desu
nice last fit
you look like the kind of person that's sticky and smells like dampness
i always lose it with the i'm not misbehaving i have autism part
htf can yall make this charts so organized, specially this one

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how did you start white and turn asian

u look cool

Damn Veeky Forums econ students

>nazi fash
shiggy diggy


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no, american
hair dye. By the time I stopped doing that my hair was already naturally darker.

Expanded because I'm ancient.

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feel free to call me a faggot, i deserve it

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What the fuck is your sex

This is the worst fucking shit

are you me?

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>fascism at age 14
Obviously a /r/Le_Donald poster, therefore a boy

eh, ive never been to reddit in my whole life. i got into the third position from my own experiences. and only through the skinhead subculture (into which i got through the music) i got to meet like-minded people. where im from, skinheads aren't very out of the ordinary, though hools are far more common.

grill that really sucks at being a grill. strong tranny tendencies.

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I think that's enough

>running the state
damn kids

Have you seen Britain lately? Even the fucking conservatives are socialists.

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Oh boy. Wait till you see the socialism communist stand for

Communism is but a hair's width away from socialism. The only thing that would be needed to move from socialism to communism is to raise corporate taxes above the point where it's profitable to run a business, then the government swoops in and takes the business """for the people""".
I know communists want a state free system, but the only thing a stateless system can go to is ancap. There'll be nothing to regulate the markets and businesses will spring back up if there were no government overseeing communism.

Yeah, i see you are an ancap. You can stop now.

Beyond the black rainbow is fucking sick!
Very good choice my friend.

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My Current Age

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yea i love it, super under-appreciated too, i guess people just didn't really understand the concept

does it say seeking annoyement?

I already did this but
>catholic school dork

>parents divorce
>middle school dork
>Veeky Forums lurk starts here

>high school
>/r9k/ in 8th grade inspired me to turn my life around
>skater core and class clown personality helped me make new friends
>lots of them

>I think im life of the party now
>friends all around
>22 in 6 days
>i'm on /k/, 5 guns now
>life is lit

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this is why.

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Thanks bro. Ever think of using traditional Indian shirts/fabrics creatively?
>not describing your hair as 'voluptuous'

yeah, the stripes were an accident. forgot to add '22' to current age this time again :/
>like me
also, congrats on getting food on your side!

>wow, someone who handles Christianity with grace instead of being westborotier!
>inb4 Ashicore

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lol maybe I'll make that edit
I've been getting into making shirts and stuff but mostly just printing atm, I could look into that it could be really dope I mostly just wear an Issey stand collar shirt that I love

ur living the dream dude, proud of u hopefully we all make it

Yeah man! Since getting back into martial arts, I started wearing more traditional asian fabrics/appreciating mandarin collars

eyy it's hentai bro!

that's sick dude, yeah it's like interesting using fashion as a means to reconnect with your people as well as using it as a way to express yourself

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It looks like you went from self expression to conformity

i was that one kid that thought that having long hair was challenging the norm and not making me look like shit

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fucking trannies

would hang out with

pretty cute desu

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>stopped smoking
good for you. those last 3 are all nicely Veeky Forums

>sun allergy
nice, just cover your chest

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I think I peaked at 16, if not for anything other than the fact I had a coherent style

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current age is p cute, honestly style nowadays is more fluid so interesting style dictates that idea