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Military surplus discussion only. Terrorwavers may ask questions concerning milsurp but for further discussion of terrorwave should make their own thread.







I summon Telny.




this is peak fa



Not Military, if anything they are logically closer to terrorwave due to being opponents to the nazis without affiliation to any other governments.

How would that make them closer to terrorwave? Terrorwave is a clothing style characterised by mixing athletic leisurewear and military garments, a "trend" originated as a bad joke.


Seriously, fuck climate change. I have all this rad old loden stuff but there is no more snow in winter.

Sorry if wrong thread, but do you guys have any idea were I could sell or how much my old military uniform is?? Or if any of you guys want to buy it idk. It just takes up space, as I have so much shit of it. In pic related I have a mtp smock, pair of trousers, those thin jacket things, beret, shirt, bag, boots, a dpm field jacket, thin jacket thing and trousers

>handsome turks
>every single one of them looks like shit

Was the Napoleonic Era the peak of military Veeky Forums?

brown skin and ugly facial features arent handsome


Are is there a military esque pants that aren't cargos? Personally not a fan and and would like some assemblence of military inspiration when I'm wearing something like a simple shirt.

27 eurios shipped for a size medium of the M51. Yay or nay?

Good shirt. I have one of the older and one of the newer version. Thinking of dying both of them black.

Can you post a fit along with it's dimensions?
Also, how much did you pay for them?

No camera. GOt them from Varusteleka, 25 each I think. The older model runs relatively small, the newer model relatively large.


Psssh, YES.


Commando jumpers are great.


are windbreakers terrorwave

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I'd say they were.


Ugly shirt, get a white one instead, less is more

>left arm placement

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I got something big for ya...

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I really like this one. ID on everything?


And you're sure you didn;t like, want it for yourself?

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It's a bit too big and baggy for my liking.
Also, I'd much rather have a long double-breasted one as worn by Herr Flick of ze Gestapo.

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nice thank u
sorry I’m being a thumb over bore meme

A perfect combination of memes that only works because of the short shorts. I love it. Waht shoes though? You'll need to go minimal in that department.

Only if you're holding a gun, obviously.

>Waht shoes though?
I usually wear boots.

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East German military had loose wool trousers, main allied powers switched to cargos in WWII, so pre stuff would be decent. I know main axis power stuff looked good for the thighs, but I'm not sure how it looked under the boots.

hm, I feel like it'd be a real nice fit if the pants were slightly darker

Yeah, that's minimal. Good fit.

Man I want one of those shirts, the ahego face one.

You know I unironically wore one of those as an angsty late teen. How much did it cost?

'Vat is wrong vith that man?'
'He 'ad the fish'

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Got it for 40. A bit on the pricey side for my thrifty self, but quality European-made leather garments rarely come cheap.

I also found pic related for a tenner.

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Hey, not bad.

arcade fire?

I saw someone looking very similar to you at Berlin central bus station yesterday. He or she wasn't wearing any military stuff though.

Agreed but it was a St. Patrick's day festival downtown

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Well I have been to Berlin. I only used the Ubahn though. Man, I'd sleep with a me look-a-like.

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Also no creep shot. Booooo.

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I don't have a camera :^(

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fyi they still use that rifle in SEAL sniper school. that school has the second highest attrition rate in the navy, the first being bud/s

I want to get a gorka suit to wear the top as a windbreaker/rain jacket. I can waterproof it myself but would it look weird with a pair of dark jeans?

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Depends on which gorka, if pic related it'll be totally fine. Hell even camo gorkas will go with jeans (but may go better with lighter rather than darker jeans.)

Post a more kino windbreaker

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No, WW2 was.

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Speaking of, w2c?

Wow, that's pretty fucking terrifying

Oh fuck it's milspo Slenderman!

Man, taking pics of everything is a bit daunting. I wonder if I should get a video camera.

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I think Lawrence might have been on to something.

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Dyed mine black, dyed very very well

are gorka 3's waterproof?

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Are these effay?

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They're that weird kind of in-between where they aren't fully waterproof without treatment, but they'll soak through eventually.

Left = Yes (especially dyed black and worn w/ BELT)

Right = no

Boots are old french ranger ones, though they look new so I'm guessing a reprod line or something?

Where'd you get Estonian TTsKO of all things?

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Somewhere in Florida I think?

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w2c t-shirt?

I want to see you get gang raped by Arabs.

By Allah.

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how'm I doing brothers?

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Am I doing this right?

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if you are going for insurgency, yes, but I don't like those sleeves and much less those pants.
vest + that 'scarf' is spot on though

Jeans don't work for you? The shirt looks corduroy to me? Does a corduroy shirt exist?

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Trousers are some incredibly thick heavy wool which is really nice. Got them second hand and there are no markings so I can't tell you what brand they are.

Jacket is a wool blend from hm
Boots are model 65 French "rangers" bmja boots with sici caoutchouc sole. This model is with slightly smoother leather.
Still army issue and not a reproduction.

I agree

I own a corduroy shirt. A blue one would be nice.

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don´t fucking dye it u cunt

You are a ugly motherfucker

Well that's not very nice is it.

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Did someone fart in your room?

If you say so.

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your mom

What are those boots? They look extremely comfy

Russian Valenki. they're more durable than they look, but they're really meant for dry snow.

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Where are you from? Have you ever considered selling your stuff? I see you on here all the time, I love your stuff so much.

Where's the striped sweater from?