If I wear socks and sandlas people mock me, if I wear sandals without socks my feet get smelly from sweat

If I wear socks and sandlas people mock me, if I wear sandals without socks my feet get smelly from sweat.
What should I do?

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cut your feet off

Clearly you look retarded like the guy in your pic because of done right it looks good.

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Don't wear sandals

wear socks without sandals

Go full Uniqlo U

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Wear shoes?

>these sandals are Rick, stop talking to me you broke bitch


don't wear them you fucking sandalwearer

Lmao at your life if you haven't been wearing this style during this summer.
Style + comfort

Wear socks and sandals but do it ironically.

>Veeky Forums still hasnt caught up to suicokewave

been here before the wave desu
spoiler; they're not as comfy as they look, burk's got them beat, even teva

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slides>autism sandals

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maybe you got the wrong size? i dont take mine off lmao

that lump on the heel kills 'em for me, does it wear down or get softer?

They were a thing few years ago. They disappeared with everything Veeky Forums related sometime ago

That looks fucking awful.

I've seen people wear those slides with socks on, slippers with socks on, socks with flip flops, and even socks with sandals. They were all pretty popular. It's not what you wear, it's how high in the social hierarchy you are. It's like why people made fun of /v/irgins for playing video games. They saw it as a way to make it negative and put people down. So wear whatever the fuck you want.

Why the fuck isn't this shirt on their website? It's one of the coolest things from their ss18 drop and it isn't anywhere to be found.

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>he wears sandals

Wearing sandals is only acceptable when you're at the beach.

Unless you're a 10/10 Chad or a girl, nobody wants to see your feet.

Who gives a shit what's acceptable?


Also don't wear shorts. I know a lot of people here will disagree, but at least in my personal opinion: no adult male (outside of actively-performing athletes) looks good in shorts.

Got Suicoke as well, can confirm the heel is not that comfy. Wore mine for most of summer/fall, but stopped in the winter. I adjusted to the heel eventually, but after not wearing them for a while I think I need to adjust to them again.

youre right

the only thing that ever bugged me was that if i pulled the front strap too tight the toe divider would slide into the wrong place after a while. different feet i guess.

>The earliest evidence of wearing socks and sandals is documented at the archaeological site between Dishforth and Leeming in North Yorkshire, England. The discovery suggests that old Romans wore socks with sandals at least 2,000 years ago.

I'd wear socks and sandals if I had the right trousers to go with that look, maybe a linen pair or something help me out bois
Otherwise I'll stick to using them exclusively at the beach where I also use shorts exclusively

That sandal sock combo is amazing, its the dad pants that ruin it. We live in the golden age of socks and sandals right now, just embrace the comfort