Musician styles

Post musicians who styles you unironically love. I'll start:
>Brendon Urie
His style only gets better and better as time goes on.

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>Alex Turner
One swave bloke

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Absolutely shiggy why...

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shut the fuck up alex fa as f bruhh

both of these people have the most disgusting 2010 gq-tier fashion sense ever

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god tier:
>keith richards
>jim morrison
>shears twins

just fuck my shit up tier
>harry styles
>alex turner

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Steve Lacy

Good music/pretty nice style imo

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rocky is god tier

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lil bo peep

fashion icon and was taken too soon

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ok dat shit go hard

Your pic says otherwise.

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pretty average-to-below-average celebrity style
well the second one is literally a gq shoot so
fuck this post odd future bullshit, this guy sucks
bad bait

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he looked like trash and only teenage girls liked his fashion style or music

Lil poop


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A fucking tattooed goblin

I Fucking love 2010 Billie Joe Armstrongs outfit

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Odd future?

Nigga what are you talking about

underage, get off this board

steve lacy, the internet/syd, brockhampton, kali uchis, daniel caesar, etc. it's all "post-odd future". obviously borrowing from odd future's (terrible) aesthetics and hype but obviously not technically affiliated. and it's all trash.

whatever you say user

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now learn to read so i dont have to keep explaining to u

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Unironically like guyliner

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Why does this board idolize both shit fashion and music?

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Joey ofc

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Whatever you say you pretentious loser

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Trent wears full rick during live shows. Pulls it off better than most imo

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Sting in ccp lol

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lol this is amazing. i didn't know sting was into this shit

>Girls mainly like him for what he was known for