Neo-nazi / skinhead core

Neo-nazi / skinhead core

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Looks like a black dude

slavs have the same phenotype as blacks

shit island, docs. what else?

fred perry
ted baker
ben sherman


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it's a frog

No. This is a frog.

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what slav?

picture of a frog

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>only the strong deserve to live, this is the law of the jungle, cuck

Belgian nazis ... ?

>this is the power of /pol/... woah...

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The only black thing I like are my geobaskets and goth ninja diapers

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Rick Owens skinhead hooligans, best skinhead hooligans

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Vlone is fucking garbage what's this guy doing?

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Showing length and girth of his BIG WHITE COCK

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this mexican gangster looks pretty Veeky Forums

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>51 replies, 15 posters
lmao assblasted commies

>like sub-cultures
>came here thinking I'd see something interesting
>it's all some autists getting political because he hates le kek
Stop whining we're here for the fashion

wow yeah pretty much

Skinheads were fashionable in the late 60s. They aren't anymore.

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muslims have the truck of peace
the right have the challenger or peace

SHARP skinheads were always more fashionable

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heiler is manchester black as fuck, really good fit

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BUF Varg is much more aesthetic

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Lot of black frenchies

>that guy

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Lol. Sick stache, bro

HAAHAHAHAH, please tell me this is true! Give me a reference please. I'm gonna bust the balls off of my Polish friends.

eh, skinheadcore will always be tshirt (preferably white, blank), basic jeans and boots. Basic jacket/bomber or even a basic hoodie is ok when cold. Not much to it. Overdo it, will come off as trying hard, specially when someone that knows what a skinhead is walks by.

perfect look

this with boots would be pretty good.

this both jacket and pants are too baggy, plus bad shoes.

waaaay to much shit, retarded gloves, retarded watch, retarded shirt, retarded hoodie.

gotta keep in mind the roots of skinheads, very simple, working class people, so don't use accessories and again, don't overdo it.

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just polished my 2009 rick owens combat boots ready for the race war

this is now a fashion feels thread

Absolute unit

poles are basicly white niggers. other slavs are btter

why are there so many butthurt niggers here? isnt there a black "beauty" thread somewhere?

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why cant there be more boys like this at my college

one kick to those chicken legs and that cunt would be down for hours.

because you're a dirty aids ridden faggot.

>why are there so many butthurt niggers here? isnt there a black "beauty" thread somewhere?

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Kekistani redditors is not neo Nazi skinhead core, stop posting them

scary internet tough guy

why are they acting like niggers?

Seriously. You'd think people on Veeky Forums would be at least somewhat aware of this.

Absolute state of this fucking site

those are the niggers of the white race

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>belt and braces
Those communist faggots will never be anything

This is effay.

How do these people not realize they would be the FIRST ones pushed into the gas chambers?

samefagging too hard there mate


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Do you respect women Veeky Forums?

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>skull capacity under 1100cm3

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w2c his jacket?