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you suck op,

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where's the moth

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moth is important you are right
my bad

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ITT: Death Grips and people LARPing as Death Grips

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These pictures are A E S T H E T E as fuck

You are just all larpers

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The moth was just a bad dream

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Is that Krystle Cole

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jesus christ this woman is disgusting

i think she is really fucking beautiful
i mean for a slav girl

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What about some deepwebcore room inspo?

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this thread is so unironically cringe and reddit tier, it makes me sick

Can't believe nobody on /g/ pointed out what a pretty close Shaggy cosplay this is.

Unironically cool in a 90's grunge sort of way.

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>>deepwebcore room inspo?
always mobile
modern day nomads due to their trade
if stationary live in extremely fortified location
weapons rack,- -extremely high tech &or minimalist
bug out bag/duffle bags for easy pack and go lifestyle
incendiary devices/chemical cleaning kit(s) to wipe evidence you ever existed

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I bet at least a few fires of unexplained origin have been for that reason

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(Justice cap up close)

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More femail inspo

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Thanks for posting, I’ve saved a few for more female inspo

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remember the Discord? lol

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(((shills in eternity)))

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More like /edgyinstagramfaggotcore/


/deranged serial killer core/

>for a slav girl
are you mad? slav girls are, on average, far more attractive than, say, anglos
though non-slav eastern europeans & balts can't be topped

Keep posting boyos

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>dildo in the bookshelf

Who is she?

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im an 8' 2" pitch black man and im scared of her



its like a yung lean militarized

love the bandaid on her finger, did the idiot cut herself taking the big scary knife out of its sheath?

from baader meinhof movie

Lel, it reminds me of pic related...

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can i get a "steal his look" meme for that pic?


anyone have any idea what mc ride is wearing on his torso? (besides the cat)

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i hope shes dead.
god i hate women.

these look heavier than most materials. is it just the quality of the picture or how would i look for stuff like this? my boi nips show through lighter, softer materials

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Are bearsuits /darkweb/?

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Yes. But only if your whole room is littered with computers.

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this is a scene in the movie contact

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So is """Darkweb Core""" just grainy photos?

vague and dark aswell