Tfw SHIT TIER beard genetics and ugly face

>tfw SHIT TIER beard genetics and ugly face
what did i do to deserve this hell

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Is shaving that much of a hassle for you? beard envy is so pathetic.

it isn't a hassle at all, i just want to be able to hide my ugly face under a beard and i can't

put minoxidil on your face

looks like a homeless man beard

this, if you can use minoxidil

How old are you? My beard still looks homeless and a bit patchy.

The real misfortune is your lack of mustache, but that could fill in too. Try trimming it down until then

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looks like plant roots lol

Shave. Literal pubes that have never been shaved tier

You're not even ugly desu.

Shave the damn beard, go for a cleaner look. Style your hair like pic related and you'll also look good in formal wear or smart casual

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>OP’s pic is OP irl

his facial hair is awesome youre just jealous


wear it with pride

>beard envy is so pathetic

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Sup Arabic Donald Glover

I can't understand why society is so harsh when it comes to beards. Everyone is going to say that the beard in boths pics is terrible and that you should just shave, and if your aim is to be accepted in society then I'd agree. But in my eyes, I'd honestly have to say that the beard on the left doesn't look that bad and actually suits you pretty well.

>guys with shitty beards
>guys who make their beards the center of their personality

dunno which is worse

It's because you're Nordic. Maybe with old age you will be more lucky. For now just shave and don't be so scared of your male pattern baldness. Combing thin blond hair over looks so much worse.

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Making anything other than aiming to be a person of integrity the centre of your personality is the wrong move.

just stay clean shaven and get a good haircut. you don't seem to be ugly.

The only way to lift the taboo of shitty beards is to wear your shitty beard with pride.
Do it for future generations of men with shitty beards.


I have a (stubble length) beard and don't even think about it. Only numales center their personality around it.
I know some numales from highschool who will name their instagram and snapchat something beard related.
Makes me sick.

>Makes me sick.
One thing that's worse than guys who make their beards the center of their personality is people who make other guys' beards the center of their personality.

Lets not talk about guys who make guys who make other guys' beards the center of their personality, the center of their personality.

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Work out, faggot.

Jesus Christ trim that shit

Looks based, don't listen to those underaged faggots who probably can't grow a beard. Leave it like that.

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a bit too curly

new beyond comprehension

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looks good

Dude you're blonde, beards aren't for people with dark facial hair, it only works well with contrast

cut my life into pieces

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Mfw I have the genetics to grow a beard but I struggle with trichotillomania so I can't ever keep it.

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Western ISIS member core

>name their instagram and snapchat something beard related
my beard isn't the center of my personality, I'm just uncreative

Fuck I can't believe someone would go around for months looking like that, you look like a schizophrenic bum

just don't pull on it

you can't know what your beard is going to look like unless you give it a few months to grow

Here in Brazil this guys would be considered a god.
Even for white girls

this guy is handsome, even if he's has a bit of a "look" to him

I don't see a problem with that beard. I mean, that's just what his beard looks like. Not everyone has to have a full beard.


Lift weights, youll look better with a bigger neck and broader shoulders

Invest in a brush that shit would look dope groomed.

How new can you be? How new can you go?

>picture in OP must be OP

the absolute state of Veeky Forums

You should have killed Negan when you had the chance.

i don't think you'd look that ugly. grow out the hair a bit, get it thicker, and youd look pretty damn good. maybe even a buzz cut.

Another user here, been doing this for a year now, got no or almost no results out of it. It's not that the hair follices aren't there which'd mean Minoxidil wouldn't be able to work its magic in the first place, since I had a lot of vellus hair before starting, especially around my stache area. By all accounts Minoxidil should've turned that vellus hair into terminal hair by now, but it still looks exactly the same 12 months later. Gonna do another 3 months since that's how much Minoxidil I have left and I want to make absolutely sure I can't get anything out of this (the website I got my guide from said you'll have to apply it from anywhere between 6 months and 2 years and that some people see results later) but just want people thinking about doing this “Minoxidil Journey“ to take that into consideration

Should also mention that I take Finasteride cause I'm a hairlet, which might have impacted the (lack of) results I got

>The only way to lift the taboo of shitty beards is to wear your shitty beard with pride.
Or go to Syria or something where that taboo doesn't seem to exist, just take a look at the nasty patchy peach fuzz pube beards some of the guys in ISIS execution videos are rocking

Wow, I always thought that hair pulling shit was invented for cartoons, but it's real

Shit beard genetics; yes.

Ugly, no. You're at least a 7 bro. Get a fashy undercut, get a stubble trimmer and maybe keep 2-3mm of beard stubble. Then lift. Maybe invest in a good men's facial moisturizer/cream.

Looks like you could be a succesfull nigerian warlord. Keep it up