Idk if this is the right place to ask but how do you take a good picture for IDs/passports...

idk if this is the right place to ask but how do you take a good picture for IDs/passports? i look like an absolute mong every time

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id photos are literally just you staring at a camera with a completely neutral expression. if you look like ugly in those pictures, guess are ugly

shit fair enough..

I feel like i look way better in pics than irl desu

what do you look like? and how do you look better in them?

this is my license picture. note: im not saying im good looking, just that i feel like i look better in pics than in person unfortunately. pictures for IDs are usually from a distance and not the highest quality so any skin blemishes are usually hidden. you gotta take some photos of yourself in dif angles to see which fits you best

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Not bad man. You kind of resemble Mishima. Any blemishes can be fixed by eating healthy and drinking lots of water.

>You kind of resemble Mishima


No, he doesn't.

thanks, i drink a lot of water but i have a couple acne scars from when i was younger i need fixed :(

squint your eyes while clenching your sphincter muscles as tightly as humanly possible, as though you were about to give birth through your anal canal. It's what all the top models do

i love u senpai

ive read about squinting before but are you memeing me about the ass or what is that supposed to help?

well, i mean i was only kidding, but that's what it sometimes looks like to me. sometimes models are beautifully charismatic 'cos of their sense of "immediacy", and sometimes they fail when going for the immediacy thing, but you can tell they're focusing they're their attention really hard on something or other, some quality they're attempting to project i guess. i don't know, user.....

i dont even need model looks i just want to avoid looking like a sperg when i take pictures

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Not same guy, but squinting can make smiles seem more authentic, and clenching relaxes the rest of your body including the face.

intersting, thanks ill try it out. guess im spending my sunday taking selfies while clenching my ass

faggot what a waste of a sunday

its not a bad picture, dont worry

Nobody looks good in ID photos you idiot just own the ugly ID 90s core license

love you too bro
thanks but im not op lol i feel the opposite where i feel i look better in pictures than in person

I look pretty bad in my passport photo but pretty good on my license.

You look fine senpai

shit i feel the same like when i took pictures of myself i dont look bad but i feel that i look better on pics than irl