Is grimes effay?

I'll start. Yes, she is.

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I'll continue. No, she is not.

I'll end. Both of you should kill yourselves.


Yes, she's effay and also the coolest.

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Is there something wrong with you? This thread is over

looks like she just woke up with hangover, not quite effay

It's far from over, actually. I have an entire folder of photos of Grimes being effay to dump. This thread is going on with or without you.

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I didn't ask about your life, dude.

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Most Grimes is Veeky Forums approved anyway.

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grimes fags are the absolute WORST


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the way she dresses herself is not very fashionable.

she certainly has a great frame for it

she a cute

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she's fucking uggo.

She's so weird looking and shapeless, but I'm still attracted to her. No, she's not fa though. She always looks like she got dressed in the dark. Every once in awhile it works, but mostly it's a mess.

In her first video and Realiti she looked pretty fa though.

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I always thought that sheer shirt/jacket was great on her

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