Face R8

Face rates/suggestions thread

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Shameless self bump

Get a better haircut

skincare products
new hair
everything else is good :)

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>mfw nobody ever smiles in these threads
the way your face looks is most important while smiling

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You look and sound like a turbo faggot

shut the fuck up, not everyone has good teeth

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I’ll fucking kill you

Looks like a fake smile it is. Don't smile.

If you are insecure about your face to the point where you post it in a thread on /fa, fuck off and go to /soc please

Should I get different glasses

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Rate me. Feeling pretty quirky today :D

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Get different glasses as soon as you can, please.

No, I think they go well with your hairstyle ( supposing the hair is wet and not greasy), depends on your fit though.


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Kangz n shet

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my why big everythang you got

Board af why not

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how so, bb?

if you shave and clear up those shitty lenses, then you'd have a good look. You definitely have the face shape to pull it off

*blocks your path*

gf is rating 4 u me

"7 nice cheeks"
"buff bear plushie"

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Can tell you are no taller than 5'7 just by your face

You look like a pedophile. Ditch the meme glasses

am 5'11 sry

lol you're right

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I would cheat on my bf for u

You should work on your skin and try something less bowlish for your hair
nice eyes!
I like your hair
looks pretty generic but there's something nice about it

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lips look non existent but its just the pic, promise i have lips

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weird desu

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no chance this guy goes on here

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Don't let these depressed rejects pull you down. Great smile user.

You look the manliest, but I can't get past the obvious 5head with your cap on like that.

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better skincare, maybe try parting your hair in the middle?

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nostalgic. but the 70's want their stache back
don't look retarded and you might be a 7

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how do i stop looking retarded legitimate question i have no idea how to take photos

>get better camera
>fix eyes
>don't have this blank expression