Stretch marks

Do you consider them disgusting?

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I lost a ton of weight 190lbs to 155lbs (5' 10'') and I have them all over my biceps, sides, and my stomach. I'm still ashamed to take off my shirt in public.

on fat ppl, yes. If u were fat and then lost weight then no. even though the stretch marks will still be on your body, at least your body is in good shape. a skinny person with stretch marks looks better than a fat cunT who has them.

on people who just grew too fast, who cares.

on people who work out, it looks hot. At least when the stretch makes fade they do.

thicc boi here i got them on the side of my ass

are you straight or gay

Had 'em on my back in my teens, they're as good as gone now. Do they actually stay on some people?

I had got them on my legs when I hit puberty. (Rapid muscle gain from hockey and then skateboarding) They're practically invisible now, but I'd take stretch marks over real scarring any day.

My ex in high school started gaining weight and getting them really bad on her ass. It was a real turn off, but the relationship was doomed anyway.

Nah, most of the time they're only temporary and you can clean them up nicely with bio oil. Unless you're grossly obese then there's nothing wrong with them and chances are they'll barely be noticeable if you keep yourself in shape

Same, but i'm otherwise quite slim

No, because I'm not a complete fucking prick.

If you are slim now and have them then no.
It shows that you managed to pull yourself out of a pretty deep pit, why would anyone seriously be grossed out by it?

just like everyone in this thread, only in fat/obese people. I have some of them in my stomach and altough they are very visible they look so aesthetic it makes me feel nice. I feel like a tiger

my shoulders, arms and back is fully scarred
I got them after I had a huge growth spurt when I was 12. probably the worst pain I have felt in my life, I cried as I couldn't sleep properly in my bed so I had to lay on the floor for a year straight, because my whole body hurt
so I don't give a shit if anyone finds them disgusting

no one cares unless they're still red

why do people act like only fat people get those? i thought everyone had them from puberty. i have them all over my shoulders and shit

i hate them on me because im in the process of losing weight (started at 6 foot 400 pounds last year, down to 290 as of this past monday, trying to get to 170-190), and they remind me im still a fatass. theyll likely never go away, just fade if i keep applying oils and lotions, but im not self conscious about them because like other people ITT said, theyre pretty natural on everyone, even if you were never fat or pregnant. they only look disgusting on fat people who arent trying to get fit

Flesh in general is disgusting.

We invented clothing for a reason.

Kinda. I have them on my lower back and sides of my hips. I don't like seeing them obviously.

Because the ones you can get from your growth spurts disappear relatively quickly for most people.
Stretch marks are definitely more associated with people that are or used to be fat.

i still have my stretch marks around my tighs got them as i was going through puberty and as i gained a lot of weigh at like 14-15 and they just never went away despite the fact that i've never been fat

I used to do martial arts and did a lot of roundhouse kicks with my left leg throughout childhood/highschool. I'm very thin but I have pretty bad stretchmarks on that glute because of it. The right one has them very faintly.

Would this fall into the unattractive category? Looks like pic related, I feel like it looks unclean or something.

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Got them really bad late in puberty, stomach and legs. Grew about 6" in a few months. Always have been self conscious about them. Oddly am fat now and that was not the cause, it happened when I was still thin as fuck.

i have them in the same spot, i've been skinny all my life i guess it's from jumping up in height during puberty or something. i don't even remember i have them unless i look since you're rarely looking at your own ass cheeks so idc but i guess they're cool little tiger stripe looking marks

i have them on my back from growing tall quickly as a kid. since im not fat i always have ppl comment that ive been having kinky sex or something. when i was a kid someone at a pool confronted my parents thinking i got whipped

>Would this fall into the unattractive category?
I mean, it's a not a complete deal breaker, but you'd look considerably better without them. If you can afford to have them removed, you should do so.

People who see them will assume you used to be a fatty, not that you were extremely physically active.

its very attractive to me cause to me either you worked your ass off to be skinny or your were active as suggested. Idk it depends on some people but the right people wont care if you do have them or you dont.

whoops meant

>still ashamed to take off my shirt in public

good, fatties deserve to be permanently reminded of their mistakes. this is why weightloss surgery and skin removal surgery shouldn't be allowed.

and pregnancy because you're older and the hormones fuck with them as well. but yeah a normal sized 22 year old or whatever doesn't have them other than maybe a few faint lines.

Doesnt matter what anyone fucking thinks. If you got stretch marks then you fucking got stretch marks, its not a big deal. Stop being a fucking pussy.

I got them during puberty but I've never been over weight. They're on my lower back, thighs, ass, back of upper arms.
I feel cheated that I'll never have nice smooth skin.
I think if you're a straight man then women wouldn't really care but I'm a homo and gays are more picky and judgemental about looks and body.

Tall boy here, I have quite intense stretch marks on my back like this from growing really fast as a kid. They've never bothered me, I actually think they look kinda interesting. I also have a few on my biceps from muscle mass gain I guess, they aren't as noticeable though.

On fatties yes. On people that lost weight no. On people that have always been skinny like myself and grew really fast as a teenager then no

Wtf i thought these were scars on my back

are you retarded?

same up to a few years ago

Do you often get cuts on your body and not remember the incident?

my fwb had them because she went from 200+ -> 100 and i thought they were charming in an insecure arty way

idk if i would call them effay

That's my biggest issue as a gay man. Literally ashamed to be naked in front my partner (it's not like I have one) but you get what I mean.

Mine faded and they look like normal scars. I always get asked if my parents beat me as a child, or get comments on my tiger stripped ass.

I also have. My girlfriend says that they look cool and so have said many friends. Yet, the basic is to not looking ashamed of them (you know, the tipical Alpha advice), and to have some muscles where you have them

How long did it take you to lose that kind of weight and what did you do to accomplish it?

About a two or three months of avoiding carbs and calorie restrictions. It was also during the time where the company I was working for got bought out by a bigger one so I was doing a lot of lifting and exercise moving equipment and stuff. I also picked up playing tennis with a friend on weekends. That was last year and plateau'd for the rest of 2017 at 155 lbs.

Now I moved out and work for this bigger company, and now all I do is just calorie restrict/waterfast. I actually just got a scale today and I weigh 143 lbs which surprised me. So getting my thinspo on. If only I could get rid of the rest of the fat on my chest and stomach, I'd be happy. So I have been grinding out pushups and crunches.