How do you like women to dress? pic related

how do you like women to dress? pic related

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More effort than most women around me wear

Like the women at /r/femalefashionadvice

This is the only female fit i have saved on my phone, but i guess basically less like your photo or basic bitch.

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that jacket looks like it belongs in a dumpster

I don't really care as long as they try

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I have a fetish for this sort of stuff but my gf doesn’t dresses very conservatively I could encourage her to wear this stuff but then I’d have to deal with her wearing this stuff in public and that just seems like a Pandora’s box not worth opening

i live in a third world dump, the standards for what's fashinable is immensely lower than in real countries, even what you guys consider basic bitches takes someone really daring to wear it in here and i appreciate when they do

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muh dick
basic bitches know what theyre doing

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Is she a ninja?

Their style has to fit their personality. Beyond that I don't care.

lol i follow her on instagram. very Veeky Forums

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Whatever doesnt flaunt the booty im ok wit.
If shes comfy in it im cool with it

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Big sweaters, yoga pants, Sperry's, and a hat. I'm very attracted to basic bitch-core.

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cumming desu

I love this kind of formal/semi-formal stuff, particularly when paired with a quality set of high heels. Shame it's not done more often.

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umm she is MY MOM and she is SWAG

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anything like trousers + men's shirt. preferably button up and not too fitting. i like my women to look like complete dykes. ponytail or short hair helps also.

So you want them to dress like a trap?

>that cameltoe

unfortunate that much of the inspo in this thread boils down to 'be attractive'. That's great and congrats on your unique taste in girls who are pretty but the photos don't say much about their style. Will dump some female inspo.

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literally everything itt is trash

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Femanon here. I've always liked the really feminine looks like pic related. I like the sort of modest 'house wife' aesthetic whith nice dresses and floral prints, but I've had a lot of friends mention that they just don't think there's a place in modern society for that kind of clothes since they aren't practical. So usually I go for the 'girl next door' look with jeans and a tee and just make my hair look really femenine, like in a braid or a nice bun.

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not like that

Lads, should I start a femspo folder? I dont want to get in shit with my gf but I really love some of these fits.

Fuck me Im shallow, the more I look at these fits the more I want my gf to be one of them.

Me too op. Me too.

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maybe if she finds your folder she'll feel bad and dress nicer

I bug my gf and make her look at my inspo folder with me all the time. It helps if its actually inspo and not just barely clothed sexy people. I think it's pretty normal to say 'hey I think this is a cool idea I'd love to see how it would look on you.'

w2c modest qt middle eastern girl?

>Nobody mentioned Nao yet

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Dont listen to your friends. Modesty is making a comeback

>Femanon here.

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nobody on this board actually has taste anymore remember that

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Like this

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only amongst alt-right incels

that's not feminine it's prissy and ridiculous

t. Trashy whore

t. creepy seagull fujo trying to look cute to attract trannie chasers

Like a bimbo

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This is exactly the outfit my crush wore which prompted me to go talk to her

>/p/enis tingling


If you get shit from your gf for having outfit photos saved, you need to take a better look at the whole relationship

This is exactly how my girlfriend dresses, I think its pretty nice.

You say it like it's a bad thing

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what brand is that hat?

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what's her @

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This is trash outfit but my dick says otherwise.


damn this is actually good.

>aren't practical
>being naked in public is more practical


what the fuck

That looks like an ugly kike tranny.

That's a man.

So? This thread is about how we like women to dress.

I like Gorka girls

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>look her up
>she's 23

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>Wearing Tabis

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giv azn gf

oh my fucking god dude I WANT MILK

Stop wearing all black if you want a preppy gf.

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