Are personality orders effay?

Are personality orders effay?

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borderlines tend to be very effay in my experience but i can barely tolerate their company for more than a couple hours

Whats the bame of the webpage?

Fucking autocorrect, I hate my life
Idk I only know one person that is diagnosed with borderline and that's my girlfriend

4degreez com/misc/personality_disorder_test mv
Join me into the endless ablyss

Are schizoids fa?

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i hope so

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I actually took this seriously too. I don't exactly a high opinion of myself but come on.

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I'm a pussy basically

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i just wana b loved ._.

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holy shit are we on /r9k/ now?

tfw lonely. end me

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oh well

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love this kind of shit
aspiring comfycore here, how do you guys dress

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Am I a normie?

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for years i've been getting the same results every time i do this test. can someone explain to me how i'm avoidant and dependent at the same time? i know i am, but it makes zero sense.

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avoid most people but depend on the good ones
i feel it

My nigga im deeply out the tracks lmao
Ima off myself tonight

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21 year old KV with OCD here
Its over

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I am diagnosed bpd, I don't think it's effay but BPD/NPD people like Morrissey wear plain things but have very shallow, vain disposition that people mistake for effay. I get into very selfish, shallow moods where I speak in meaningless soundbites and basically act like a total social retard who thinks they are a victim. Very shit

what does this mean?

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Where would diassociative personality fall into this?

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None of these, but afaik schizotypal and borderline can have similar symptoms

reddit mfa




Full Rick


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i switch between a lot of different styles. i'm indecisive as fuck when it comes to fashion so i like having choices

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>Rating clothing styles by seeing results from a vague non standard online test for personality disorders

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As expected

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sorry reddit


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Come give me a hug, fellas

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Low self-confidence and discipline


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OCD will never be Veeky Forums will it?

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bye bye


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24, male ENFP, just in case

please don't

I kinda like your idea, post more

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Independent hermit right here

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well at least im not as miserable as you guys
all my sympathy anons, just keep buying clothes to maintain a facade

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Wew lad

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wish there was a "sometimes" option

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bipolarfag reporting in

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Next Great Person coming through

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Damn this test makes me look like a bitch. Or maybe I am one. Uh oh.

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please halp

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i only wear techwear am i fucked

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I was diagnosed Avoidant personality by a psychologist but my psychiatrist changed it to unspecified Schizophrenia.

These are my results.

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guys i'm fucked

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Well shit guys...

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out here living my best life !!!!!!!!!!!!

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femanon... here...
>Borderline: Very High

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It's gonna save you user

>femanon here
Add a few points to narcissistic


You should kill yourself. Nobody is supposed to suffer under someone like you. I’m completely honest here: kill yourself or move into the woods and avoid contact with other people.

Not really, wearing basic dark fits with few accent colors most of the time

literally my results

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Oh ok.

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i think i'm bipolar

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>femanon... here...

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DisorderResultParanoidDisorderHighSchizoidDisorderHighSchizotypalDisorderHighAntisocialDisorderModerateBorderlineDisorderVery HighHistrionicDisorderModerateNarcissisticDisorderHighAvoidantDisorderHighDependentDisorderHighObsessive-CompulsiveDisorderModerateDo I Have a Personality Disorder? --
-- $linkText2 --
This test is stupid. I know I'm not this bad and a ton of my normie friends got pretty similarly high results.

what have i done.

Yes there are. It's the fate of little faggot boys like you to fall desperately in love with girls like this and get humiliated by them all life. :^)

You're gonna end up in jail or with a serious substance abuse problem.

Thanks for the html code man

This test is trash. There are clear diagnostic criteria in the DSM-5 for each of these disorders and the test doesn't ask about all of the criteria. For example, you can't have schizotypal disorder if you don't have magical thinking or ideas of reference. This test does not ask questions about either of those two things, yet it can give you a "schizotypal" result that is worthless. Literally just google the diagnostic criteria and some lectures and go by that, why are you taking this test?

You mean dissociative identity disorder? That's not a personality disorder, it's in a different category.

As for general dissociation, the cluster A's have rather low attachment to reality, schizotypes in particular. They are often solipsistic to some extent, believing that they have magical powers or clairvoyance of some sort, and can concoct conspiracies (called "ideas of reference") that the person on the television is trying to give them a hint or warn them. I used to have severe schizotypy and I believed that, for example, through prayer I controlled whether or not my mother was at work each day, I controlled where my lost cell phone would be found, I controlled whether or not a future exam would be easy, and so on.

give some better test

Dude these just test the basic symptoms, its actually on the fucking site
No shit a 8 minute test won't diagnose an actual personality disorder, this was actually a joke thread
I am diagnosed with avpd tho

There are no tests, you fool. MBTI and especially personality disorders should not be assessed by tests, they need to be assessed by people who understand the subject. Consult the ICD10 or DSM, it lays out the criteria for diagnosis of each recognized mental disorder. You can find these criteria on google easily.

>these just test the basic symptoms
It doesn't actually test the basic symptoms though, as I said. It isn't even useful as a hint like MBTI tests are.

Dude the questions are basically quick descriptions from Wikipedia

It doesn't include every symptom, including crucial ones.

Are you the kind that acts all dominant but then begs me to assault you cause you want ‘real’ emotions?

This is great!

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o boy

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Tsundere user
This test literally only exists for emos and edgelords to larp as nutcases.

Not that I would have a problem with that..

Master race coming through.

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what does it MEAN?

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And I agree that this test is bullshit, basically it's cookie cutter at best and really shouldn't be taken that serious

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it’s more effay to have a rice purity score below 40. mine’s 27 because i’m a degenerate google rice purity test and take it

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>gets used for sex
lmfao, who the fuck wrote this? like how detached from reality is this normal to write that and think it would be ok?

Left is late 2016, right right now. My social interactions stopped completely when I left uni mid 2016, and I've been getting worse ever faster, last few months have been the worst.

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No but there's help

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sorry to hear you got hardcore used for sex

lol I wish

if you have avoidant any higher than moderate you are useless cunt and youll never be /fa

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Am i effay yet

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>is mental ilness a fashion music board?
fuck off with these threads