What is this style called?

What is this style called?

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Canadian three piece

my little lumberjack

Entry level everything and meme boots

here, redditcore
in 2007, 'hipster' or workwear

>denim jacket
>denim shirt

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wtf socks?

Canadian tuxedo

That is workwear/americana



Man of the Woods Collection by Timberlake

All the denim matches but the belt and footwear don't! Pieced out into other outfits this would be fine.


brand of those boots??????? pls


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>soy and cuckolding are my main interests

le down to earth and rugged americana gentleman.....

Red Wing Iron Rangers 8111

I literally and figuratively wear those boots every day

Mountain Fag

I genuinely need to know where to cop those socks though.
They are fresh as fuck.



The most important part of this outfit is missing: The "epic" and "manly" beard grown with the help of Minoxidil.

Same. Live my Rangers and they just get better and better

the official soyboy boot