White shoes

Are white shoes worth it?
These are quite expensive for me at the time, so I'm having a hard time deciding whether to cop them or not. Share your experiences with white shoes

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>Are white shoes worth it?
depends on the shoe
>these are quite expensive for me
consider cheaper alternatives
>share your experiences
they're white and look good beat up

hopefully you live somewhere that's dry and warm. boost is pretty much impossible to clean and ends up looking like mould after a year. the only way to whiten it is with a white oil sharpie.
>live in shitty rainy Britain
>get some nmd's for work cuz janitor and walk a lot so boost is logical
>after a couple of months boost gets dirty
>like my shoes clean so google how to clean boost
>none of the methods truly get rid of all the discolorations

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I look like a gay dad with white shoes I'll never fall for that meme ever again

is... is this really true?

dirty white shoes objectively look better

>Are white shoes worth it?
only if they are af1s

Ive started to beat up my white low tops and can confirm they look nicer

True for knit material shoes like boost. Get canvas or leather instead.

White low tops are worth it, got my first pair late last year and didnt realize how versatile they are.

Old memes

>Are white shoes worth it?
if you want white shoes, yes.
>quite expensive for me at the time
if you want to have clean white shoes, don't buy boosts, they get dirty pretty fast. Have a look at gats maybe, they are a meme on /fa, but norms and most sneaker fans like them, as they are very clean looking and are iconic.
>Share your experiences with white shoes
I own gats as beaters, they look great when they get dirty and are fairly cheap, would recommend.
I've got a pair of boosts with a white midsole, although I was taking care of them and cleaned them regularly, they get dirty pretty fast and are at a point where they are nearly impossible to clean.
I've got pure white Instapumps, I really loved them, when they where clean and new, my favorite sneakers when it comes down to the shilouette, but as they gotten dirty, again to a point where they are uncleanable, I somehow fell out of love with my particular pair.

If you want pure white shoes, don't buy ultra boosts if you are tight on money. They will get dirty and you could end up in a situation, where you have a pair of 150$+ sneakers that you don't love to wear. Boost sole is very comfortable, but if you are tight on money, you're better off with gats, as they look great as beaters, while boosts don't.
If you want the boost sole and a pure white sneaker, maybe pure boosts would suit you better, pic related.
They are 90€ - 130€, not 180€+ like ultra boosts, have the same boost midsole, but are not so widespread.

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>Are white shoes worth it?

normally yes.

white leather would be best instead. stupid mesh shit is never worth shit.

>Share your experiences with white shoes

cop'd some white British Knights on a ridiculously low amazon flash sale like a few months ago. I'm really happy with them. I don't need to clean them that often either. they always look exciting no matter what. even came with some additional red shoe strings if you get tired of the white shoe strings.

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I done threw myself dick first into the meme. Roast me.

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I have a low top white sneaker and a white ultra boost. And as much as you clean the white leather, the stain will never get off completely. With knit sneakers, even if they get dirty faster, you can clean them more easily. You have to work harder to clean white leather.

Not worth it unless you get full leather like Stan Smiths. Otherwise it'll be a pain to clean


Nice try Nike nigger.

thank (you)!

reviews say they're incredibly comfortable and there are a shit ton of tutorials showing they're possible to clean, I'm so confused

watcha think aboot club c 85? really been wanting them for a long time, but reviews on reebok.com are all negative.

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i hope they will not become the next meme shoes

Yep you speak the truth.

i buy white chucks
white as bleach
people compliment white chucks
i walk in mud to make effay
people cry like baby

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Depends on where you live and the type of shoe. I would avoid UBs if you live a wet area since water will just seep into the knitting.
I bought myself a few pairs of pic related (because I'm a childish sucker for reflective material) and they have suede heel tabs instead of the cheap plastic used now. Not as comfy as boost but I like stans looks and wanted an all white shoe that I could beat.

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lmao they already are over here, but it's a good shoe nonetheless def cop

looking for a pair of white sneakers that would suit hawaiian shirts & abstract buttons for the summer, can y'all recommend me a pair? for wide feet tho.

I would like these but I already have similar ones (pic) and as comfortable as they are I can only imagine how comfortable ubs would be


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I like the look of them, but don't they take forever to tie?

yeah, the mesh ain't even that bad to clean, just the boost midsole man. Once you manage to clean all the dirt off it stays brown/yellowish

have you tried toothpaste/baking soda/bleaching?

There’s nothing to roast. Anyone who insults GATs is a massive fag. Should’ve bought Margielas is about the only criticism anyone could reasonably come up with, and spending $400 on shoes that look so similar to a $60 pair is a hard sell for most people.

> cop these
> live in rainy country

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I lol @both of u


no, hes a retarded. i have cleaned my white ultraboosts many times in the washing machine and they look brand new every time. i bought them over a year ago and wore them a lot.

Ok champ.

l o w t o p s

In white i would prefer the leather ones, because the fabric in that adidas must be a pain in the ass to clean.

Personally i like these ultra boosts in the Oreo color.

leather ones i mean other shoes made of leather, and not ultra boosts in leather.

Seconding this, basically.

I've washed my triple-white NMD's in the washing machine without problems, so I imagine it would work with Ultra Boost too.

are you posting this to make it impossible to decide?

Thinking of copping all white Easy Riders but heard they’re very narrow at the front

Anyone have experience wearing then?

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It's not unless you let dirt sit on the boost for too long after which it'll stain the boost permanently.

Just make sure you at least wipe down the boost with a wet towel or baby wipe after every couple of wears, and clean the boost ASAP if you spill anything on it.

I have og 1.0 triple whites that were manufactured in 2015 and the boost is still perfectly white because I take care of them properly.

>wearing styrofoam

nice ones

I saw a pair of these at a thrift store last week. Looking at the chunky silhouette I couldn't believe anyone under 50 was wearing them. Bona fide autism shoes

just put it in the wash it worked for my mate

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I've had my CPs for like two years I guess. I dont use them when it rains, and my rotation has 3-4 other shoes I use too, but I just wash then every now and them and they look almost brand new. Sole gets slightly yellow over time but desu I like it.