Terrorwave thread?

Terrorwave thread?

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Posting some OC. Starting to build my terrorwave wardrobe up, had some milsurp to start with, and I always liked "comfy" clothes and athletic shoes like Nike Air max and Cortez.

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nice desu, where you from?

This is mfa's guide to terrorwave

Phoenix az

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Yes or no? Is it too edgy?

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Not edgy but needs more athletic stuff, I think to be terrorwave. You a eurofag?

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Hell yeah
Here's my edc

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10/10, would overthrow oppressive government with.

enjoy getting arrested

Where do you get a gamberson like that?

can a dread mohawk be terrorwave or will i forever be anarchist-riot-wave?

thats the point

Isn't it only illegal in Germany?

what are those shoes called?

id on watch ?

any inspo on desert boots with jeans like suggests? I'm currently trying to make this work

anyone know where I can get a pair of rugged cargo pants that would fit a terrorwave look, that look slimmer and not so baggy (but not tight, preferably elastic)? like pic related. but i'd probably go for green, black, or gray.

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5.11 stryke pants
Condor tactical operators
Tru-spec xpedition

thx user


100% illegal in countries where German is an official language, although it might be a more of a gray area thing where it is not. Wearing clothes that could lead to people mistakingly taking you for a policeman, soldier, etc. will get you at the very least a fine in about every country ever.

the pants don't fit you. they're too big

It's surplus man, they aren't exactly made with fashionable fuckboi fitment in mind..

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I think he means they're wsy too long, hence they don't fit. Even military gear is supposed to fit you right, and not too short or too long

yeah you can tell its bunching up near the ankles because of the length



any nice movies for twave inspiration? will watch also thoughts on boots for twave? I know sneakers are more twave but I might start driving a motorcycle soon , already have leather boots but need one like pic related which is more suitable in hot and dry weather. Plus, my feet feels way more comfortable in boots rather than sneakers

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Is 7 Days in Entebbe terrorwave?

id on those shoes?

is terrorwave in its essence, pretty much a slavcore + 1 piece of milsurp clothing?

>cammo/milsurp jacket + trackpants + sneaker
>adidas nylon jacket + milsurp/cammo pants + sneakers
all neutral coloured, basic/plain/cheap and usually beat up clothing that is comfortable and "street" but always tactical.

Ebin :D

w2x hoodie like this?

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Not necessarily. Flash is an element of terrowave as well. Think "bad guy" from action movie.

Dark knight rises..bane and his crew.

all that equipment brought and yet only 2 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 1 Russian was killed

sorry, I'm as ignorant as I am a relatively newfag here in Veeky Forums. What is that you call flash?

what kind of haircut would be appropriate for TWAVE? buzzcut/crewcut?

Terrorwave is: wearing utilitarian and urban clothes / accesories that won't scream "I'm LARPing as terrorist".
Basically no one should think of you as "suspiciously dressed" before you put on your balaclava.

Not true, in my country I wear my german riot police jacket around police officers and they won't make any troubles.

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I can't stop laughing at his tennis shoes.

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Quality inspo coming by.

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Best one

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everybody looks better holding an ak

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