Are you going to start wearing baggy pants now so that you can be ahead of the 2020s anti skinny pants backlash?

Are you going to start wearing baggy pants now so that you can be ahead of the 2020s anti skinny pants backlash?

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>following trends

Get out. Come back when you’ve found your personal style.

Keiji Haino has been wearing skinnies and all black everyday since the 80’s

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i love him

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>Keiji Haino
Not that many people are fucking guitar gods though.

I already do.
I fell for the squats meme, and now that's all I can fit my enormous legs in.

he is also a virgin by choice

If I post a pic of myself nobody will believe that's me.
But yeah, I unironically wear "baggy pants"

What's wrong with that?

Where did I imply it is? He is a rock 'n' roll monk.

Just fucking post it, then.

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Why wouldn't I believe it's you? And it's pretty nice, if a bit tryhard. It doesn't look like an everyday outfit. Is it?
Then again, you can pull off all sorts of things if you're Asian

Nope, not an everyday outfit, just something I wanted to try for somebody. I don't think anyone would wear this as street wear. Excuse my bitterness, poor experiences with Veeky Forums

Yeah, don't take this board, or site, too seriously.

If only he could play guitar as well as he dresses

im gonna wear even skinnyer

This looks like an Asian larping as a Cholo

>not appreciating his improv skill

pleb detected

*free form improv skills

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Good fit. I don't see why this couldn't be an everyday fit.

>2020s anti skinny pants backlash?
This backlash started years ago. Try to keep up, faggot.

the 2020s will be the decade of the cargo trousers

skinnies can go

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very nice, too good for the crowd here


So unironically pumped for this.

> everyday since the 80’s
Skinny was a pretty common fit in the 80s and early 90s.

>improv "skill"
Guy's like Keiji are an embarrassment to actual improv guitarists like Mike Ribot, Fred Frith, and virtually every jazz player in existance

This actually looks good, saved for future inspection.
Are you asian? You look tall

Hard bait-u

I look good in skinnies, Ill forever rock them as they showcase my muscular legs.

goes to show that almost everyone on this board are at least a few years behind

ive been waiting for this moment for a very long time
i still have at least a few pair of my huge leg pants