As a male, I am fairly thin and I also have a pretty nice ass...

as a male, I am fairly thin and I also have a pretty nice ass. the problem is that lengthier shirts sort of drape over me like pic related. makes me look like I've had one too many beers in my lifetime.

do I have to wear smaller shirts to avoid this effect? I usually tuck my shirt in when it's appropriate, but that's not something I can do when I'm out doing something casual. I'm 5'10", but I wear size S even though it can look a bit awkward, just so I can avoid this effect.

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>that's not something I can do when I'm out doing something casual
Why not? I don't get it

This, my silhouette looks atrocious because of this

I can't tuck in my hoodie

It's called getting a tailor to dart your shirt.

You might have too much anterior pelvic tilt

antifit is effay u fukin plebs

I've had this problem my whole goddamn life.
I'm short with a thin build but my booty is popping.
Sometimes I run with the drapey look and wear larger sized t's. It helps by not accentuating my man curves but drawback is that I look like a serf

I just do it with casual fits as well
lol who cares about fashion if you got ass

do some girls actually find guys with a pronounced butt attractive?

Just put a belt on?


Why wouldn't they?





>t. no ass

post ass

i just realised this is why clothes look weird on me sometimes and why i cant pull off baggier things

i have this problem except i dont haev an arse

You don"t have to wear shirts that are too small. Buy shirts that fit you well in the shoulders and take them to the tailor to have them taken in, it's not expensive.

Wow thanks. I dont have a fat booty but I think I have this.

yeah you can

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I think this is a common problem among women as well
>ywn wear male clothing like nao without looking like a fatty

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Same, I hate it

I'm a 5'6 fit manlet with a bubble butt. I believe I also have a slight pelvic tilt but even when I tuck in my ass to fix it my ass is still popping out cuz it's to bubbly. I have to tuck my shirts in too to help my proportions. Is there anyways to make my ass less noticable or should I just deal with it.

same. basicaly, only wear shirts and t-shirts that aren't longer than the waist. NEVER fucking wear an untucked shirt, even if your life depends on it.

Also, wear spring and autumn jackets that don't go lower than the waist, preferably zipped/buttoned up.

In winter I only wear an overcoat and it looks good.

you are a midget, not a manlet. FYI danny devito is 5'5

>danny devito
Devito is 4'10, fucking retard.

Sounds like you probably do a lot of bending, squatting, and being on your feet all your workday.
Can't really do anything about it. Incorporate it into your style instead of trying to minimize it.

I'm built similarly and i found that the plain solid color t shirts from Armani Exchange size XS look amazing as for the fit goes, it's those 2 for $60(Canada) and there is no logo on it except one small tag on the side which is basically invisible on darker shirts

fuck yeah they do

had two girls who could ride my butt until orgasm
they like to bite it and smack it just as much as we do to them

built similarly except i have bowling ball shoulders too. kinda built like a brick shit house but i have in interest in fashion. funny how nature do dat

i've seen actually studies and polls that show women prefer
1. butt
2. abs
3. shoulders
4. arms

so yes, if you were to have one good physical trait having a nice ass would be #1 in regards to number of females who prefer that trait.

>tfw nice butt, shoulders and arms but can't do anything with my abs