RIP Hubert de Givenchy

Givenchy has died.

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no sticky?

death greets us all

Do you guys think that he is proud of his legacy?

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>I suffer. What is happening doesn’t make me happy. After all, one is proud of one’s name.

Who cares
Only niggers wear his brand

>hey everyone im a clueless newfag: the post

Price me wrong then, fag

pffff ahahah like mods care about this board
and i bet no one on this board, or at least a very few, understand his importance. Same with Azzedine Alaïa and Pierre Bergé.



That implies we have mods

>dumb phoneposter
>doesnt recognize one of the greatest of all time

like pottery

at least read the obituary lad, will give you an idea of why he was important

>Veeky Forums
>mods and jannies

some say the dog is still waiting for him to come back from work

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wow holy shit. ill make sure to wear my givenchy neck tie tonight while i beat my meat



the death meme sucks. we need to trick that douche forever. there is a possiblilty we can live up to a thousand years if only we do enough research in medicine, science and technology. because how can it be that some retarded whale or some turtle can live far longer than humans but we somehow can't?

this doesnt deserve a sticky faggot