Chad-core Fashion

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Not really a core, just buff dudes with tight fitting basic business casual cloths.

There is no such thing as chadcore. Chad wears whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and still looks better than you.
It's like you brainlets completely missed the whole point of the Chad concept.

this isn't chad

>thread filled with aspies discussing the meaning of chad
come back to this thread when you look like this

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>this is chad
top beta

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha all the downlighting in the world can't hide your bones, skellington

>not flashy clothes
>no Ouch! shirt

Pic related is chadcore
>everyone within a radius of 500m notices him
>can never ever blend in, always superior to crowd
>wears feminine colors, still gives alpha vibes
>all females are soaking wet at his mere sight

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lol send this pic 2 a girl of your choice and it will get complimented xd

El Chado only wears clothes that are unique to him, never tries to fit in with business casual bullshit which is office drone tier faggotry

You have 0 pecs

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girls dont care. its about the shoulder-waist ratio

>girls don't care about pecs
keep telling yourself that

you sound so bitter and desperate, its soo Veeky Forums

You’re barely out of dyel my guy. This is a chadbod (but he’s only 5’8”)

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>posts hungry skeleton body
>thinks this is Veeky Forums
>is desperate about looking good to girls
>could probably never approach one IRL if it saved his life
This is why you will always be a bitter beta

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>he’s only 5’8”
Then it's not a chadbod. Chadbods have a minimum height requirement of 6'2".

>he’s short
>>he’s short
Man thanks for restating what i said, you really put it into perspective

Do you have brain damage? I listed the reason what you called a chadbod wasn't a chadbod.

loolll if i would be 5'8 with the same muscle mass i would look much bigger than him. im 6'3

Light weight DYEL soyboy

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Kneel and suck like a good girl

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natty af

dunno seems kinda gay

>this fixated on justifying his self worth to women

fuck off incel

Me last night.

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Where are your delts ?

Blue board, dickhead.

Tiny peeepeee lmao

Being a gay Paki does not equal being a Chad. Fucking kek.

Is this chad core?

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This board is fucking trash

>no abs

Still better than fit

come back when i look like i was when i was 17?

wtf are you talking about he has abs are you stupid you cant be fat with that kind of definition. his arms just arent that big


my weight fluctuates too much for me to get a wardrobe that fits well

too tight and i look like a try hard

too loose and i look lazy

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This is nice could you share your workout plan/eating style?

ur skin looks fucked. maybe use sun tan lotion if u dont already

just tren hard anavar give up bro xD

>pepperoni nipples

pointy elbows

Ive seen some shit on the internet but your body is among the worst purtid shit i have ever seen.
Your abs look like a bunch of tumours

Yes but for god's sake shave that filth off your face