Things every man should have in his closet

Things every man should have in his closet

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a black and a navy well-fitted suit

outerwear/tops/bottoms from uniqlo

1 shoe from each brand that u can afford


Shirt, some pants, shoes, a jacket and underwear.
Straight from rmrs

Get a black and a grey suit, if you don't like grey go for tan or brown - navy is a meme.

>1 shoe from each brand you can afford
Then we have user here with his single wyatt boot.


How did this thread descend to shit so quickly?


S-shouldn't we at least get two shoes?

Because of its bad r/mfa tier premise

of course you can.. btw, is Vans Atwood Hi good tho?

Pants definitely

Balls of Steal

a woman


looks like middle school sk8r tier

Just get Sk8 Hi's like a normal person

A Black and/or Light Charcoal suit respectively.
Two white long sleeve button ups.
Two pairs of khaki pants.
Two ties; one striped, one solid.
Two pairs of dress shoes; one brown, one black.

That's it for absolute essentials. The rest you fill with what you please, for me it's adidas and military surplus.

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- At least Solovair tier quality leather boots
- M65 or similar jacket or parka for autumn / winter
- 2 oxford shirts
- solid leather belt that will last you for years
- one pair of classic staple white sneaks like stan smiths, onitsuka tiger GSM or adi samba
- harrington jacket / bomber or similar for nights out during spring and summer
- good blazer that won't scream H&M or Zara

Never, and i really mean it, never wear zip up hoodies

>A color worn by 90% of people in a suit is a meme
How can you be more disconnected from reality than that ?


>A color worn by 90% of people in a suit is a meme
user... I don't think he's the one disconnected from reality...

A skirt


10 t-shirts

4 long sleeves

4 shirts

2 hoodies

1 flannel shirts

1 wool sweater

1 cardigan

2 sweatshirts


3 jeans

3 chinos

1 wool pants

1 cargo pants

3 shorts

2 sweatpants


1 jean jacket

1 bomber jacket

1 sherpa jacket

1 overcoat

1 leather jacket

1 windbreaker / rainjacket


10 socks

10 underwear

1 brown leather belt

1 black leather belt

1 beanie

1 cap

2 pairs of gloves

1 sunglasses

1 watch ( Timex Weekender with different bands )

1 small backpack


2 boots ( regular & chelsea )

3 sneakers

1 running shoes

1 flip flops


1 hiking boots ( hiking )

2 waterproof pants ( hiking / snowboarding )

2 waterproof jackets ( hiking / snowboarding )

1 big backpack ( hiking )

1 suit & 2 ties

1 dress shoes

1 bathing suit

holy shit kys..your list is a very high level of faggotry

Supreme Box Logo Bogo Hoodie

How are you gonna say box logo and then bogo again you dumb fuck

thanks Reddit, have some Gold or Karma or whatever

how come you have no 'preme?

Raf Simons & Rick Owens

You think I am disconnected from reality ? I don't see why, people who are in a suit are pretty much always in a navy or grey suit, maybe the 90% is a bit exaggerated but you've got to convince people.

coat hangers muhfugga

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upvoted !

that's what meme literally means. Look it up.

>"An image,video, orsetof text that becomespopularand spreads rapidly via the internet." - Urban Dictionary