Cheap cloths

For the broke boys:

Anyone here buying cheap clothing from AliExpress or other chinese sites?
Good/bad experiences? Is it worth giving it a shot with basic clothing? Not looking to get knock offs but just regular, nice looking cloths for cheap.
Not in the situation to spend lots right now but feel like getting some new shit.
I have H&M, Zara etc near me but hate seing the exact same shit on me as on everyone else

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but most shit on aliexpress is garbage tier fast fashion, u will look worse than the zara bois even if they fit ur fat neckbeard frame

Thats why I'm also asking for other chinese sites..
I mean not everything on ali etc looks like shit right?
Theres got to be something good looking... even tho I don't rly know what to search for there

the thing is u said u don't wanna be like everyone else. all im seeing on aliexpress is the exact same items u would find in h&m but lower quality and cut for asian frame. why do u wanna shop cloths made for chinks?

I don't know man, I probably sound real desperate lol
Asian frame shouldnt be a problem for me when I size up, I'm skellythin.
Figured if I get the same basic shit as everyone else why not try to get it as cheap as possible It's not like h&m or zara have good quality and chink shit falls apart right away.. or is it?
Never bought from sites like ali yet

Recent good chink cops, be carefull about the sizes, take your measurements.
I have this one in yellow/orange and in purple/pink

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This one is good too, but only if you're not disgusted by the plebian synthetic fabric.

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Get someone to cop for you through Taobao

If you know what i mean kiddo

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Submitted this but I like "streetwear" that's maybe not your vision of fashion, so show me what you got in chink clothes

Why would I buy this shit from the unreliable chinks and wait 2 months for delivery, while I can buy a much better quality control at H&M at the same price of cheaper.

thanks for the tee and blue jacket, good starting points for me.
Not gonna cop fake supreme tho dude, way to insecure to run around in a fake ass jacket.. not looking for replicas in general

Np dude, sry for the fakerino, don't really knew what you were looking for

Try frabrixsquare

Poorfag 101: buy jeans and basic shirts at fast fashion stores, thrift everything else, invest the money saved in good shoes

Target's Goodfellow brand has some great Chinos and T shirts. Haven't bought anything else from them tho but I'm assuming they're atleast mid tier.

why do poorfags always ask about doc martens as if they're good shoes

srs question

is there even a difference between something like zara and the average alie store?

>fashion dog
Do people actually want to wear shit like this?

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I'd cop that 2-sided VASELINE one though


Quality control. I imagine a lot of the aliexpress trash is made in the same factories but they are factory seconds or thirds.

Are thrift shops too expensive? I just bought a leather jacket for $4

Leather jackets in thrift shops are ~$15 here
at best

the jews have won

Here in England it's not in our culture to shop second hand items

Where do poor people buy their clothes then?


have to ask though, how much does zara actually waste on units shipped can't be that high .

otherwise they'd go to other suppliers