What is Veeky Forums policy on makeup?

What is Veeky Forums policy on makeup?

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i think it's hot when art hoes do ironically bad makeup


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That's how I feel about you

it should be used in a Veeky Forums way

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It's like clothing, makes you look better emphasizing some things and dismishing anothers, creating harmony in the face. Everyone should try makeup, it's a stupid stigma that men should not use make up.



Any woman that uses lots of makeup is fucking dishonest, it's fucking ridiculous, for anyone, really, you sleep with one person and wake up with another, I have way more respect for someone that doesn't use fucking shit on his/her face.



I can wear it if my man wants me to fuck me
Sometimes I also wear wigs to the "hetero bois"

They love it.

I do my lips like that queen from starwars with some variations. in black or a deeper skin tone

sounds cool

This. Makeup is disgusting. Just lol @ painting on your face to hide your subhuman genetics

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holy shit youre still around?

(psst @ fellow femanons, all guys whining about "boo makeup sux" actually mean non-natural looking makeup, they just don't know what a woman really looks like without makeup because they all believe those makeup-less celebrity shots are actually real, kek)

You sound like a fag. Some men really do mean no make up at all. there's a certain aesthetic about it that contrasts really well off of well out together outfits. I personally only wear lighter tone/skin tone stuff or really play with the way you can put it on. If a guy im seeing doesnt really love makeup, sweet. I'm happy he likes seeing me for who I am but at the same time I really love doing slight pulls and touch ups to accentuate my features. to each their own

No they just want naturally pretty women who actually don’t need makeup

Which is a little too much to ask, since overuse of makeup fucks yourskin up forever and you will never have good skin again

There has been so many girls that imo look really cute natural or with little makeup, and when I see them go hard with the makeup it makes me sick. A lot of obvious makeup looks terrible ladies.

so true man. but to most girls it's their hobby so they enjoy putting it on i guess

>they should wear makeup because it represents feminine qualities
>feminist abolish makeup all together
>'Makeup is dishonest' and hides ugliness

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my gf in a nutshell

how the fuck do i explain to her that when she cakes it on it looks shit?

she has perfect skin but hates her freckles, wtf?

Girls don't wear makeup for you

Yes they do, im gorgeous

they wear it because of their crippling insecurities, so basically for other people

I don't know I still think it's something girls use to impress other girls/to fit in with a certain group than it is to "trick" men into thinking they're good looking

all you normes are gay as shit

why not both?

effortless looking makeup, being less pedantic about application = effay
being a perfectionist, changing face shape, using more than 5 products = not effay

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I'll wear certain makeup for guys or my so

Explain to her how much you like her natural beauty the next time she ISNT wearing makeup, positive reinforcement helps. Show a better interest in skin care products if shes hiding blemishes etc

Why does she look fat?

I hate the current makeup trends. I hate makeup that's used to paint on a new face. I hate makeup that's intended to use illusion to make your features look different.

This. I hate when girls show off how shiny they managed to make certain parts of their face and how smooth they can paint a line around their lips/eyes/eyebrows. It looks like shitty video game graphics. If you're literally painting a face on top of your real face you're doing it wrong.

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>Explain to her how much you like her natural beauty the next time she ISNT wearing makeup
i tell her almost every morning after all the make up has washed off.

I feel like im almost bringing it up too much now though

make it special, dont seem like you dislike something about her either

good advice, cheers