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To those who are more experienced what do you expect to smell from an aesthetic like this?

Personally I think of liquor, burning wood, tobacco, and steel. Would love to find a fragrance like this. Or maybe something less offensive and just a something that straight up smells like cold metal.

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maison margiela by the fireplace

Since you posted it in the OP pic and I've seen Kurkdjian a lot around lately, what's the best from his line? And is the price worth it?

I was searching up fragrances he's done for other houses and they all seem to be well done and there are some cheaper options. Might be a good plan of attack to pick up something he's designed but not under his own name.

I would expect someone who looks like this to smell like shit and straight bo

Can't lie, that's resonable


Thoughts on this

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Did travalo vials leak as much ppl say?

how the fuck are all these people talking about wearing more than two sprays of shit? are they trying to gas out every room they walk into?

is any mfk fragrance worth it?

I love the bottle design and kinda would like one of them jsut because of how they look but it feel like i like francis fragrances done for others more than the ones done for his own house

90% of his fragrances are just sinple floral fragrances for summer which i don't care 2 much abouth.

baccarat rouge is sweet candy cane. it;s smells good and quality but it's 2 expensive for such a sinple scent

in the oud line only oud satin mood is talked about and I don't feel like I'm geting whats the big deal with it

piss and weed

Baccarat rouge is indeed sweet pink sugar and cloying saccharine. I have absolutely no idea why it's so hyped by a few people here- must be babby's first niche fragrance. Absolutely god awful.

The only MFK that I actually like and doesn't bore me to tears is Absolue Pour le Soir. Great spicy fragrance, laden with cumin like liquid gold- sensuous and extravagant.

What are some good men's cologne you can get from Sephora?

Okay last thread I talked about Eros that I got and didn't think it had good longevity

I applied it before I left the house at 8:30, now it's 5 and we're still going strong. It's almost just a skin scent but still projecting a little

Who has the absolute best deal on this right this moment? Fragrancenet with the 37% coupon? Any better deals?

Pretty good. Solid performance too.

I got those 80 cent ones from china and they work fine so far. I dont use them for niche stuff though in case they do break.

I find it astounding people can have others smell them using 1 spray on the chest. When I ask my friends they can usually only smell me when they get really close.

i usually just do one on the neck and one on the wrists

I've been experimenting with different ways people have done it from here
behind the ears, wrist, back of the neck
but I think throat and wrists is probably the best

Should I use up my Dove men care plus deodorant before I buy any cologne? First time using any cologne.

please don’t stop wearing deodorant you stupid asshole

>should I wear deodorant our douse myself in cologne
the second option will make you incredibly annoying and most people will consider you a douche
wear deodorant, manage your BO, then wear a light scent on top of it

I'm Asian so I don't sweat a lot. I've been using this deodorant since like the summer of 2014 I swear. It lasts forever for some reason.

See above reply. What kind of cologne do you recommend for a 21 year old virgin ass guy.

Maybe you should try some things from Andy Tauer. Lonestar Memories / Lonesome Rider.
BdC always had the cold metal thing for me.


I met an qt asian girl that told me that she would fall in love with anyone who would wear ck one. she was chinese thou

>21 year old virgin
you mean a regular Veeky Forums user?
idk if you're looking to get pussy and nothing else, look into eros, sauvage, and ysl la nuit

just make sure to not use them at work or in an office, save them for dates and nights out.

I am Korean and I love Chinese girls. I want one of them to be my gf. Rich, beautiful, nice body, dominating, they got everything.

Where do you find ck one in stores though? Sephora doesn't have ck cologne

>save them for dates and nights out

Do any of them have wood or smoke tones? I fucking hate that smell

because all three of those radiate like nobody's business and all three are "sexy" as hell
they are "too sexy" for your office to the point where they would be considered inappropriate to wear to work, but they're fine for date nights and nights out, and basic bitches love them

why's this bottle so fuckin ugly

it's only ten dollars more than the 75 on fragrancenet but i honestly don't want to look at it on my dresser

plus it's a tester so it'll probably look even shittier

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I have Ck one. It’s garbage to me. Smells like someone filled up a pool of Isopropyl alcohol and limes.

So like Clorox or Lysol wipes? Yuck that's not good. Someone else recommended me clean warm cotton, is that shit any good?

I see. I'm a friendless fag so it's not like I have dates or nights out anyway

Just wanna say I really like the Creed flask design especially in the smaller sizes

cologne isn’t going to get you pussy if you can’t interact with people

yeah they make some real nice looking shit which is why i can’t comprehend this bullshit

here's a guide
wear a light fragrance and very few sprays, you aren't looking for compliments, just a solid smell that isn't offending
this is what you care about since you want to get laid right? wear a sexy fragrance that is deep and dark like those three I listed, avoid things like million dollar and others that sleazy guys wear.
basic bitches love these scents because hot guys smell kind of like this and it's nice, but don't expect to stand out much from the crowd

also yeah
same with all of Veeky Forums
attractive guys get laid no matter what they wear or smell like.
If I was hot I could literally smell like pure BO and still get pussy, cater your scents and your fashion to yourself to make yourself feel better, and eventually you will gain confidence and appear more attractive

>wear a light fragrance
such as? Someone recommended me clean warm cotton which is a women's fragrance but can be unisex and smells like fresh laundry. Is it any good?

>light fragrance
a decent starter is YSL L'Homme or L'Homme Parfum Intense
I have both and neither are particularly offensive and both smell like ginger mostly.
someone else will probably come in with something but stil with things that have a more fruity or flowery or sweet smell to them. Unisex fragrances are decent for work

remember, you're not looking for compliments at work, just to smell decent

and I forgot to mention
you are going to end up spending upwards of 50 bucks on a fragrance if you buy a 50ml bottle and you don't want to buy something you don't like
go to a department store and ask to sample fragrances, tell them what you want, and buy what you like, or be like the people on here and order 7-8 dollar samples online of a fragrance before you commit to anything

Fragrancenet or the little 0.16oz bottle off Amazon for like $12. It's a very niche scent for me that I would only wear in a club or bar that was popping so I don't see the need to buy a 50ml.

I think on the neck just behind and below the ears is best. You're basically right behind the sternocleidomastoid there so plenty of bloodflow, plus you get nice action from both a scent trail and when you're turning/hugging. The wrist isn't great because when you wash your hands it will wash off or at least get diluted by the soap.

idk about you user but i don't wash my wrists when i wash my hands

water splashes on there, and towel or air drying will remove the scent even more. But this isn't a law of fragrance - spray it on your asshole for all I care.

>bleu de chanel is still >$100 USD 8 years later

when is this shit going to drop in price lmao

why would a successful fragrance at a company like chanel drop in price? you should be thankful it's not going up

why are birkins still 10k after 8 years lol when is this shit going to drop in price lmao rofl

then you have dirty wrists

Like first aid alcohol.

YSL L’Homme or L’Homme Ultime are good clean warm scents

what the fuck did you just say about me

I've blind bought every single bottle I own (15) and I regretted 2 of them. I only buy the biggest spray bottle available too. So anecdotally I definitely recommend blind buying instead of leaving the house or wasting your time with ordering samples.

fuck off retard

You're wasting money on samples while my superior decision making is saving me money, who's the real retard?

stop shitposting faggot
I get that you want to be all edgy and try to get some idiot to waste their money but you're not helping

the deodorant he described isn't scentless though

How is it shitposting if I'm completely serious? You'll waste more money buying samples without even realizing since they're so cheap individually than making an informed decision and just buying a bottle. Sorry you're not smart (generally speaking).

this cbihateperfume site in the sticky looks like some sort of meme. is this stuff legit?

I hate anything that smells woody or smoky. Can you recommend something else

fucking go to a department store and ask to try out something then if you're that picky about how it needs to be x and y and z and please make it a "panty dropper"
jesus christ

Do a lot of men's fragrance contain woody notes? I was planning on going to Sephora to try out fragrances tomorrow.

almost all of them do

anybody have 4711? I bought a bottle on a whim to get an order above the minimum price to ship for free, i'm actually getting pretty hype about it.

I do, kind of fun to splash a bunch on you

As long as they're under notes I think they'll be fine

Just ordered my bottle of GPH2. Plus because it was on sale and already dirt cheap I got a bottle of that "Canvas and Concrete" shit. Will report back once I've had a chance to test it.

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then all of those L'Homme versions would be fine because the woody smell is an undertone to citrus/ambergris/ginger in them

Thanks, the Sephora website says they're available in store so I'm going to sniff them tomorrow.

Is Amazon(.ca) a bad source for fragrances? I've read somewhere (think it was redflagdeals) that even Amazon themselves sell fake fragrance

amazon sells through 3rd party stores as a marketplace. their frags are only as good as the stores that sell it to you

no i don't mean the 3rd party stores, i mean the ones where it's sold by amazon directly

I love tea scents so I wanna try this sometime

fragrancebuy friend?

I got a bottle too, I hope to god it works cause im low on la nuit 2011

things that on the item page say "stocked and sold by Amazon" have a decent chance of being real. Anything else and it's probably a fake or you're getting ripped off.
If you're really paranoid about getting ripped off just buy from sephora's store or website, or some other trusted site like fragrancenet.

I have bought all my colognes through Amazon with no issues. Eros, VPH, The One all directly from Amazon

I'll buy from whichever is cheaper then.

I tried a sample before placing my order and it's really nice. I mostly got a very natural smelling black tea note with a touch of bergamot, and a silky, slightly sweet cinnamon base that isn't too spicy. I think it'll make a great year-rounder for mild weather. The kinda person you imagine wearing it is confident, masculine, and sensual, but in a reserved and gentlemanly way. Definitely worth trying.

You betcha. I got tired of fragrancenet's ridiculous cross-border shipping fees, so far quite pleased with them. And yeah it seems a little gimmicky but most people seem to report some degree of improvement.

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I pictured a manly university lecturer wearing this with a tweed blazer. Like Indiana Jones in class

man i'm so fucking hyped. i'm gonna do like charles bronson in that japanese commercial

>What are some good TVs you can get at Best Buy?

That's how stupid you sound.

Which one is better for a guy that usually just goes to dates and parties with black t shirt, jeans and Wyatt-ish leather boots?
Note: also considering Noir by Tom Ford
context: first "luxury" deodorant i want to buy, i like deodorants more than perfumes be because they usually smell more natural in a sort of way, just looking for one that smells better than simple old spice

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wtf I love Eros now

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xD good meme dude

Anyone tried Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir? Thoughts? Was looking for something a little different but pretty versatile and that's what the reviews say about this one. Apparently a bit more of a friendly terre d hermes.

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if you can try a vetiver frag, some are clean and good for everyday stuff like office/uni imho

What's the best fragrance for a man with a broke heart who has given up on trying, and is ready to coast through life alone and lonely?

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Interlude Man

You’re not making an informed decision, though. You can’t be. Yes, you can look up the notes and read reviews, but you still don’t know exactly how it will smell, not to mention how it will react to your body’s chemistry. You even admit you’ve made bad buys twice, that’s got to be close to 200.00, if not more if they were niche bottles. That’s more than I’ve spent on samples, plus it’s not hard to get samples for free.

You want everyone to think you’re a badass alpha Chad who never second guesses himself and always makes good decisions, but actually you’re just a retard who wastes money. You are not as smart as you think you are.

I'm not that guy earlier and I don't agree with everything he said (definitely the buying of the largest sizes). But on the other hand, I have to say that blind buying isn't always a terrible decision. Today, you have countless of blogs that try to very accurately describe what perfumes smell and feel like, what they're similar to etc. Kafkaesque, certain members from Basenotes etc all give very good comparisons and ideas about fragrances and often recommend them off of similar ones. They might not always end up smelling like described to you personally, but it's a lot more "informed" than simply buying it "blind".

Also, there are circumstances that force one to blind buy. I used to live in London where you could easily pop down the street to Selfridges and smell a fragrance yourself. But for the moment, I'm living in Asia where even designer fragrances are hard to test, and niche houses are unheard of. That makes it nigh impossible to test new releases, when even sample sites cost a fortune for every shipment and a delay of 3 months to boot.

You could be interested in vintage fragrances, like I am, and that makes it impossible to understand what an old formulation or discontinued fragrance smells like- all you have to go by are reviews by others, making non "blind buys" essentially impossible.

You could be getting a large bulk of your collection off of auction sites like eBay, where you catch a good deal but have to decide in an instant whether or not to purchase. You may have seen good reviews of a well known or legendary fragrance but can't afford the luxury of time to go down to a store personally to test it out.

All things considered, of course it's wise to not blind buy, but most importantly I think you have an incredible advantage of being experienced enough in perfume to understand what certain notes smell like; what effect certain structures are and to instantly get a gist when someone likens it to an existing perfume.

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I was trying to give advice to someone who had no clue what good scents even were and was a complete newbie
He wouldn't figured out you can sometimes blind buy by the time he knew enough to move onto vintage frags and specialty frags

depends on the scent.

I have a few staler ones that I need to hose myself down on. Flip side, I'm honestly embarrassed of wearing more than one spray of pure malt right now in public.

GENERALLY I do 3 sprays these days. Two on my neck, one on my wrists or chest (for me)

The fragrance world is not all Opium and Sauvage. You clearly haven't been introduced to that class of fragrances with the beauty, but alas, also the longevity and projection of Eau d'Hiver / Chanel Eau de Cologne (most hesperidic colognes, actually) / most of the Hermessence range (bar Vetiver Tonka).

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>Wear this
>Girls are suddenly smiling at me and being nice
What the fuck is going on? I literally bought this because I hate being around people.

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well EN has an insane amount of iso e super in it which is one of the big panty dropper meme aromachemicals

Honestly i kinda wanna buy this while it still exists. Loved it when i first tried it since it was so green. Shares a lot of dna with hanae Mori HIM which i love (might be redundant though)

Another user, closing in on 200 blind bought bottles. Thanks for stating my case more eloquently than I would have been able to. I know what I like in a perfume and I hate wasting my nights / weekends at the mall. I also see money spent on samples as a total waste, especially on mainstream scents that can be purchased for ~$35 / bottle online.

No, I agree with you, sonetimes you have to buy blind and if you’re experienced enough, you can make more informed choices, I’m just saying you can’t always.

Take Kilian Straight to Heaven Extreme, for example. It’s supposed to have double the vanilla of the original, and a lot of people describe it as being a boozy, fruity, vanilla-heavy, sweet gourmand. I ordered a sample thinking I’d get something like a Serge Lutens type of gourmand scent from having read the notes and the reviews. I did not get that at all. To me, it’s a very fresh, woody, almost astringent scent with very little sweetness and almost no fruit or vanilla. Now, I’ve been into fragrances for years, I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars, I’m pretty educated about fragrances, and what I thought I was getting was completely different from what I got.

This is my point. You can do a ton of research, you can really know your shit, but it’s still far from a sure thing. That’s why it’s a bad idea to buy blind if you can help it, especially when it comes to expensive niche scents.

In the context of this thread in particular, given that it was a complete novice this guy was advising, telling him to buy blind is completely foolish.

True, it's like the belt+shoes matching rule on here
People who know what they're doing know it's not a hard rule and can make it work without following, but that rule gives newbies a way to be safe from really fucking up while they learn

>not enjoying the experience of blind buying a bottle from a trusted house / perfumer, having it not match your initial expectations, only to slowly grow into a new favorite as you continue to test it across a variety of conditions

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The problem with this is that I often don’t like every fragrance from the same house. I love Roja Enigma, I don’t like most of his other scents. I love Amouage Jubilation and Reflection, but I hate some of their scents. Fate makes me nauseous.

I'm also interested in this one.

Fragnet just got ONE bottle of Rock Rose in stock.

Got it. 450 maplebux with shipping and duties. Today is a good day.

>head to sephora this morning to sniff out some fragrances
>store opens at 10:00AM
fuck why did i make this mistake