New waywt

New waywt

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Old one had 100+ posts left

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also today, different angle and clothed

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We already have a thread, please go to

how old are you?


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I wanna touch you

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Rate fit out of 10

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you blinked

0 effort

good, but uninspired
u dont look 41, like it tho

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>bump_limit 310
>image_limit 150

why would you start a new thread when the old one isn't even 2/3rds done yet

Sorry bro I'm just asian
That's my style, classic. I ain't got time to dress super fancy esp since it's track szn

your wide hips are accentuated in those jeans. it ain't doing you any favours

Yeah I messed up, they're skinny jeans. Last time I buy skinny lmao


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Stand up straight

fitdad core

literally best itt


this is like how that fit would look if it were actually good

>green nylon bomber jacket

What I'm wearing today

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first warm day in months

thoughts on wang x adidas collection?

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do you ever have 1 original thought of your own fuck thats shit

very goofy user, cheap black cotton shoes are very 10s outsider core which is actually kinda saving grace but its not really fashion. shirt might be cool

not fashion but at your age its time to stop caring anyway so youre good bro

*grabs you by your throat*
olive bomber, ruched long shirt, fucking gats, HAHAHAH

does anybody remember the last time wang produced anything interesting, i dont

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unironically best poster on this board

did mummy put your key there so you wouldn't lose it? she's good to help you out like that :)
no one saw you run into the bathroom with your shoes on, right?
fridge mode
good call elevating that hand. next time don't wear such tight pants and maybe you wont sprain your wrist trying to put them on
awkward tryhard
I'm guessing you know you look like a girl?
>the boring tryhard uses his grey coat to stalk rabbits in the arctic tundra. this one seems to have had his fill, but his prospects for mating are slim.

This. Dude is funny desu, and he gives actual (albeit harsh) feedback. I'd like to see him and The Analyzer (who does not leave actual feedback) fight to the death

Still Fat but I’ve been losing weight

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any actual feedback for ?
explain why its trash 'yikers' is useless

post what youre wearing faggot

all thrifted

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We can tell.

igor where do you find all these hm deals?

>Shirt too big
>Meme shoes
>Clearly fake glasses

End your life and shave your face, you'll never grow real facial hair

tripple samefagging. keep sucking your own dick bro it's really fooling us.

more like all soy

I’m 18 and I’ve had glasses since I was 7

pants are ugly and shirt is high school tier, combined they're visual overload

It's impressive you wore the glasses for eleven years.

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my camera shit

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Well then it matches your outfit user

Mask is okay. Necklace and watch look like after thoughts. Not crazy about the jacket either.

that's some bum shit, my guy

dont listen to this user. your hips are fine


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Comfy Midwestern outdoors getup

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you look like a homeless lesbian

John Fruciante

test running stuff

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Did you make your curtains into pants? Nice and simple fit

best in the thread unironically lmao

big fan

its not a cringe thread

Damn, I don't browse here too often, but Veeky Forums is really starting to look like Reddit gave them fashion advice.

I would either cringe, or genuinely think you don't know how to dress if I saw any of these IRL.

that necklace and mask are fucking garbage haha
everything else is is a fine boring fit

tfw the sweater season is almost over
btw one user wanted to ask me some questions?? so heres my only public profile ive got
i mean it is comfy but you dont look good
you look short in these pants
ganbare user
its nice
i love that sweater
i saw that too many times already

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vrrrr ccu

you going break bath :-//
mm papa those legs
cutie, love the pants

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sweet palette

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i would never do something like that, i just have a lot of friends :hug:


Looks good, I would switch out the oversize shirt for a slightly oversized t shirt

If you covered your face just a bit more, you could have avoided so many unnecessary insults :'(

>all thrifted
>memeciaga SSS that came out not a year ago and cost a shit ton

you are full of shit faggot. you discredited yourself and overpaid for everything.

Hahaha so true. Should start using a trip dude

I unironically like it. Even the derpy numale face works with it.

hey andraz thanks for replying, visit anytime

The most original fit in ITT

just stop it dweeb kys

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Unsure whether to cop sweater :/

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Y'all know this is Unkle Adams right


nice fit but i bet the guys you were with looked better ;)

we've found it

You look like a walking stain

the outfit is the embodiment of AIDs


Don't wear a jacket w/ your sweater..
Also, consider wearing different shoes


I'm the third one, not samefag. Idk about the second one though lol


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say what you think about each fit i wanna hear your opinion

id on pants? dickies?

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abither classic fit i love it man

people hating on this but still better than 90% of the trash in these threads

Trying this whole loose fitting "comfycore" thing

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Fuck wrong pic

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Tried to put a fit together with my hair as the main consideration.
Good Shit, I like the mix of materials going on here. Not too techy and looks comfy.
The derbies look too formal for this desu, but the color combo works.
I like the silhouette, a lighter sweater up top to balance the boots would be great

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