Why are these cartoon looking shoes praised so much

Why are these cartoon looking shoes praised so much

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anime is not a cartoon

thread took off

they go well with a lot of outfits


rick is goat

>cartoon shoes
That's just it. They want the cartoon look

he does look like one yeah

because they're a classic, converse have been around forever and go with everything

Fucking kek, at least post a photo of real all stars and not these Shitty Walmart looking copies.


Rick is a fucking hack. So desperate for people to buy his overpriced dog shit that he just slapped his name on a pair of chuck's and called it a day. What a joke man seriously.

>old af
>adopted by various subcultures
>yet famous people wear them too
Was it really that hard, op?

these are ramones

are u trolling? probably are

>these are memes
>are (you) retarded? Probably are

I love Rick Owens so much you don't even understand.

even communists make them and they turn out more or less the same

I think they're fantastic, they have a great look and from what I've read and heard the quality is good. Essentially if you want to step up from Converse and add a little designer taste to your wardrobe, these are your go to. They're a bit taller than Converse and feature hardly and branding and that's great to see.

rate my fit

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Because they look great? Too bad they're fucking expensive

>cartoon looking shoes

That's exactly why I like them. They're goofy as fuck.

Because they are an objectively ugly version on converse. So the people in the runway fashion circle jerk can chuckle to themselves about how these low IQ, non Ricks and Owens fans, can't comprehend their genius.

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>tfw too poor to afford rick

PF flyers are better

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fuck off pf flyers are shit

They don't

meme shoes