The era of skinny fit is ending

>the era of skinny fit is ending
>pendulum swings
>baggy clothes back in fashion
>designers scrambling to rethink their entire image
>the time of comfy/loose fit is upon us
>tfw reviewbrah was ahead of the curve all along

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>reviewbrah was ahead of the curve all along

Actually the baggy trend started the very second pewds mentioned he likes wear oversized hoodies.

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>the era of skinny fit is ending

it will never end

To queers

I hope you don't actually think this

As to pants - yes, but they will still get more room to thighs and higher waists.

*destroy the soy*

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the era of skinny fit ended a long time ago
but not slim fit

What's fags' opinion on this whore

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thicc would smash

el goblino

ill second that

She's my Internet shitlord waifu.

You obviously have no idea how fashion cycles. This is why you'll never be effay.

damn, i was just getting used to it

I feel like our generation will never not wear slim fit. Just like you never see older guys not wearing baggy clothing.


legit thought that was lil peep before i clicked lmao

can Veeky Forums please band together and boycott his shitty cringe faggot clothing line? that would be dope.

Best boy
Ugly american

That's what non-fashionable people generally do. They just wear what was fashionable when they were a teenager for the rest of their lives.

Comfy/loose fit becomes the norm/ fashionable

I go from being somewhat unique in my style to looking like a bandwagoner to everyone but people who already know me.
I hope not, obviously being different for the sake of being different is stupid and I won't change, but I'd be a little disappointed

La creatura...

Are you too stupid to see how contradictory you sound?

yeah bro dont you know that your not supposed to do something if its not in style?? right now were doing late 90's revival get on the trend bro

That is literally not what I said at all. Are you retarded?


she'd be even prettier if she wasn't a mutt.

lorde is that you?

la luz extinguido...

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What are you on about, are you too stupid to appreciate that someone can like something but not have it as a priority.
I like that my style is considered unusual, and would miss it if it became more of the norm, but I wouldn't start dressing another way to keep that sense of being different I'll carry on as I am.

It's not a big deal to me, but it'd be a passing concern/ disappointing situation.
Is this board populated by literal children jesus...

god i hope not. i hate skinny suits bug i hate baggy ones just as much. they look like shit, or like your mother picked them out for you 2 sizes larger because she wants you to gain weight. here's what you need to do. save up $1500 for a suit and go to a real-deal tailor that will make the suit fit just right, or thrift for a good one. both baggy and skinny suits look like shit.

She looks like a frog

Reviewbrah is Demna Gvasalia ispo.
Belive me, he watches foodreview and then starts working on the next collection

Nobody on here buys his shit anyway. What more can be done


>trend hopping

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sometimes I think people aren't posting pewdiepie ironically

I mean, mentioning him in Veeky Forums threads is ironic, but people who are doing this are his fans for real

I am, and I'm not the one who posts him, never posted also. I like his Veeky Forums style btw (even though I am the basic kind of Veeky Forums and don't wear nothing like his clothes).

I've been rocking 80s/90s sitcom core every now and then so that wouldn't be a big adjustment. Have some baggy jeans lying around along with my slim ones.

I'm not sure who that is but the thighs look good and she actually looks pretty cute with her weirdish eyes. As for Veeky Forums value idc.

Non-fashionable people also wear whatever other people tell them is popular.

Reviewbrah is off the curve t b h, he's not relating to the trend at all, just doing his own thing. A true individual in that sense.


I wish reviewbrah would just find a old baggy suit actually designed for someone of his build instead of just random thrifted stuff clearly not the right size for him, it would look way better.

i agree with this. even as baggy suits they arent his fit. i wish he would see a tailor.

>changing what you wear because others think it's unfashionable (not a bad fit, just not their style)
Sorry, not a cuckold.

His suits seem to generally have wide shoulders, for his build. It makes his face look a bit small.

>highest fov in the game
>only person who lost to the sage of omaha in a debate
gonna be a 1/10 from me


If baggy clothes come back reviewbrah would start wearing skinny fit

2/10, this is a guy right?

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my sister has been rocking bootcut jeans since she was 9

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She's kinda got the Brandi Belle dick sucking whore look going on. I like it.

Pix of sis

Terrible ugly face, nice tits, okay legs.
>3.5/10, would only fugg if I was hammered and she did all the work

I wish women could take their heads off and buy new ones
But, what would be the woman, the head or the body?

she looks fine

Why you gotta point shit out

Kinda, if only she could take her head off and get a different one

her imperfections only make my cock harder

you can have the head then

im divided

>stringy pants
oh user

>find myself mirin the fits and sneaker game of my dad and other middle aged men who clearly aren't even trying more and more often
>can't even appreciate skinny jeans anymore, they just remind me of dirt tier H&M 99% elasticine garbage
>have had to stop myself from making more than one purchase because my dad probably owns the exact item
>probably not too long before I don't even mind that

she's yucky and she prolly has cooties

Litterally everyone likes to wear oversized hoodies