Hawaiian shirts

Recommend effay Hawaiian shirt brands

It's very hard for me (soy with a BMI around 18) to find Hawaiian shirts that aren't ugly as sin. I found one in a thrift store that was nice (pic related) but I can't find any others and that brand has stopped making shit.

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Boyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I cannot wait for summer to start just so I can wear the same hawaian t-shirt everyday!

Jams World is good. They make funky shorts too.

I wouldn't normally buy from urban outfitters, but they have some good Hawaiian shirts too.

I've kind of reached the point of no return on these things, I already own 8 now.

Is sleazecore the only look to go with on these?

Damn, Jams has some nice shit. Not sure about their non-floral pattern ones, but the more Hawaiin-y ones look nice as shit.

One day I'll pull these off.

Also, post more inspo.

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Double Rainbouu

Reyn Spooner

I wish i'd live in USA where hawaiian shirts are way more common.

I think they look good with any basic pants/shorts and clean sneakers. Light wash jeans give a '80s-'90s vibe, cropped trousers could be good too. Shorts are easy as well

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Please tell me I'm not going insane, has anybody else that's gone on a vintage hawaiian shirt binge noticed that 90% of the cool looking (and usually hyper expensive) hawaiian shirts are being sold by people in Malaysia?

are you looking on etsy or something?
A lot of "vintage" clothes on there are sold in malaysia, must be a big market for it.

Gitman Vintage

Big fan of Okinawan shirts too

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that shirt is A++

That's beautiful. w2c?

It's the ss17 (I think) Libertine-Libertine tiger cave shirt. Good luck finding it anywhere that isn't sketchy tho.

Golden Tiger Flies Out of the Cave

o'rageous used to make some good ones, dunno if they still do.

Most people are probably better off making their own stuff since, in my experience, Hawaiian and floral shirts are becoming 'slim fits'. This wont matter as much to you with a BMI 18 but;
Having broad shoulders is a pain since I have to buy shirts ~1-2 sizes larger and take down the waist , but with slim fit even 2XL (in american sizing) is too small at the shoulder.

>wanting to be a normie

wear them where you are and stand out faggot

Veeky Forumsm probably meant that it’s tough to get a nice hawaiian shirt where he lives for cheap

oh. woops.

well, ordering online could work

Yeah true, though for me shipping usually costs 30$, anywhere not from eu