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Post Veeky Forums dragon ball clothing being pulled off. You think this hoodie could work? Rock it with some Jordans maybe?

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nah this is trash

Your bait is Garbagio

Hoodie Time is lowkey lit tho

It could work if you want to look 12

lmaooooooooo this site requires you to be 18 or older, bub.


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>cartoon characters wearing hyperbeast clothing

This meme needs to die.

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It upsets me greatly that people watch DBZ and started talking about how they're an anime nerd.
Literally designed for the same audience as spongebob


>blocks your path

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Is GT Roshi effay?

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If i saw someone wearing this I would curbstomp them so hard they'd have a permanent dent in their head.

J-j-join the hypebeast club user. Trust me, i-it won’t hurt

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It can work if you're willing to dive into the sea of irony and you already have the swagger to pull it off. There's nothing inherently wrong with being loud as long as you're consistent and don't betray doubt.

Where 2 cop fit

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hi user...

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What does Veeky Forums think of the uniqlo/shonen jump collab? Some are alright.

How about you rock it with the actual official Dragon ball shoes?

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