Why do some models just have the most punch-able faces

look at the fuckin photo and tell me that you honestly wouldn't just sock these two fucks right in the chin-- for no reason other than what they look like

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How insecure are you dude

Nah. Go see a psychiatrist or something

they're kinda hot

HMmmmmm actually yeah, the one to the left

holy shit those are some seriosly punchable faces

usually the pout or agressive eyebrows.

You are right

ricky graham on the left, and hes cute

Who gives a shit about models? They are NOTHING.

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Go to drama school faggots

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igor, youre a retard but i really appreciate and respect what you bring to this board

Soyboys detected

I dont want to punch those faces but I want to know how they became models. They arent attractive

I dont know his name.
But that weird looking skinhead model that ran for Rick Dick Oven a bunch of times pisses me off. He has a punchable face.

I’ve never had that reaction to other people and I don’t know why other people do. All I see is ugly, average , above average and handsome/beautiful

Agree, but prob has a lot to do with the fact that these guys are way too fuckin soy

Because despite the protestations of Veeky Forums, models are not chosen because they're the most attractive or good looking, but because they have a "unique" look.

Models are usually drug addicts so they look sickly

No matter how you spin it, they look like faggots. That's why you want to punch them, just like you OP, it's a natural instict.

Because they model for hack Jun "put edgy slogan on it" Takahashi?

It's the squint and pout. But it's not just models, everyone who does this tryhard face is punchable.
Models just do it more often.


t. jealous

To be fair they do look like a couple of absolute cunts.

This. Models (at least higher-fashion models) often seem to have very strong, borderline bizarre facial features, rather than actually being attractive. Some models, like those for Gap or for stock photos are generic attractive people.

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they want them that way. they want models that look unique or that have something striking about their face, which is one of the things you'll remember about the brand
if you want to punch them you know they're perfect for the job
marketing 101

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Attractive is boring

It's all about their body types. A model is basically a mobile clothes hanger.

They look like skyrim npcs that you are supposed to dislike

Yeah you're insecure af, it's never gonna get better unless you seek help

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If you think someone has a punchable face, it’s just your repressed homosexuality coming out. Unconsciously, you wanna fuck/don them.


I bet you've got a punchable face ;*

C'mere, big boi.

you mean this guy? i fucking hate him

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follow me on Instagram guys! :D @dagsen

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Dont want to punch them but yeah there are shitloads of models with deformed faces
Popularization of degradation (if thats right word) I guess

These are models? Lmao they're ugly af, right looks like he got a bee sting on his lips.

I think owning your ugliness is true beauty

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why are all the ugliest people fuckin' runway models for shit like vetements