To cop or not to cop

To cop or not to cop

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does the air force really wear these?

pls no

No its more about jump height even though these shoes are heavy for what they were designed for

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If over 100$ no

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Why would the price matter? Either it looks good or not

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If you need to ask, then dnc


Looks Asos-tier, dnc

Lick my ass

Jetzt hast du das Teil also doch gekauft. Aber Kolben buttern wirst du deswegen nicht

Wer sagt, dass ich es gekauft habe?
Mehr als du mit deinen Sojaklamotten

Turning 21 soon and looking for some nice trousers for my loafers.

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nigger version of those old dior homme sneakers

Also, the loafers.

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These are not the ones

In what fucking dimension in what fucking realm on what fucking planet do you see these being copworthy?

I agree, user. I just picked up some cropped pants off of Uniqlo instead and saved $950+ and picked up a slim fit white dress shirt.

Also, will not be picking up the rhinestone loafers.

These are for women.

Well I've got a funeral tomorrow, so

in the realm of underage highschool.

tech wear/lunatcore fit where the main colors are dark grey and orange

have fun with your /lunarcore/ fit you will wear once with these then never wear agian

You’re not a spaceman

The sage green ones are acceptable under 36-2903 (dress and appearance regulations) I'm going to get a pair for roll call.

cop or not?

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Easy cop. I do get Adidas GAT vibes though. Id btw?


If not, rec some other all black shoes

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I'm an idiot, just realized as the post processed. TY user.

Anything specific? I don't want a running shoe.

What does fa think about classic yellow rain coats?
(I'm a dude tho)

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Monarch in black. Cheap too. Might become a meme, but that probably doesn't bother you

can’t tell if the hair on the detailing is goofy or really dope

they’re cheap so I’ll probably go for them

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$30 seems overpriced, wait till they go on sale which they definitely will soon since there's few idiots who'd buy sandals from fucking uniqlo

Definitely not. Unless you're Russel Westbrook these will not look good on you.

Nah they look like shit

something about them I really like, but pic related is also an option

again, can’t decide

forgot pic

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100% these ones
Ull regret the other one in six months

These, w2c?

Not really a fan of the stitching on the midsole of gsm. I’d rather just gets gats

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also would these work in spring/summer?

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won't fit if you live in poland. all hypebeast type fits look ridicoulous here

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dragonball core

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copper knot?

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Absolutely. GSM's are the most comf shoe i've ever worn. Worth the price tag

>price tag
what price tag theyre like 100 euro like pretty much all shoes

Wearing these right now. I'm normally a huge sperg with shoes but copped these as soon as I put them on my feet. They're very true to size, even a little on the small side, and the leather is super soft and comfy.


Bit gay, not that it's a bad thing

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working on a cosplay?

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That's a dress not a raincoat

I like these but don't like them at the same time. There is something odd about the silhouette that's putting me off

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Which one?

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>buty meskie
More like big mistake

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c/n & black or gray?

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looks fake

yah or nah?

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Don't buy them shitty quality, better just buy reguar stans as beaters

Should I?

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what pants are those and get black

generic chinese joggers, found em on taobao

I like these

I hate these

people will ask you hows the time travel going

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which one do i get? wearing cotton twill cargo on pic (couldnt bother going back to get the correct size, sorry), anything wrong with this? i dont care about being basic/unoriginal

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these look like cheap shoes from like, wish

Guys was gonna cop this but it's pilling and the color looks a little off, anyway to fix it?

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Should I get this

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I was wondering the same thing, from what I heard they have the same quality as cps, I just didn't want to break the bank but also have something that's not a meme Stan smith

elastic waist looks kind of cheap but would probably be fun and easy to wear, especially to the beach or something

I can cop this for $35 shipped. Seems too good to pass up

nah, these days you can find used cp achilles for ~$150. I bought mine for $95 on ebay

i mean there's nothing you can do about color, but you can trim the pilling with very tiny scissors. Doesn't look like it's worth the trouble but what do I know

nah, the material looks so cheap and plastic-y. i like the shape tho

idk if people are still wearing patagonia for the sake of the brand, but black is safest. that dull blue is actually really nice though, could make for interesting color palettes. don't like how the seams stand out in the grey, definitely not that one

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Should I cop any of these pieces ?

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are you m or f? def dont cop bottom right either way



dnc, you"re right, the silhouette is gross and unstreamlined. i prefer the 996s and 998s


left two are alright, sweater is better than turtleneck. dnc right two

worth $20?

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yes, totally


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c, where'd you get it that cheap?

Should i ?

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should I? Can't decide about the skinnies.

I hope you're joking, dnc
this is the first Patagonia item I've ever liked, I'd go black

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aye as in yes?

dont use saturated colorfull clothes unless you are a nigger.

yep, I like the jacket, but make sure to legit check it.
What about Peep? I have a similar shirt, and I wonder if I could pull the look off.

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WTF this thread. People asking to cop generic cheap shit. Is this the /fa status?

post a fit user

The pants in the first pic, and the ones and in the second are very different, the first one is very saturated, the second one is better, but for me, it is still too much saturated. But it is ok for what he is wearing, a jazzy suit. For daily casual, it just wont work.

if youre black yes cop otherwise lol

Thanks a lot for the input. I'll keep searching for darker red chinos then

that explains everything

Cop these pants or not?

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lmao i know this store

Cop or not? Looking for fun summer shoes.

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