NYC Fashion

What's some pretty average fashion in NYC? I'll be visiting soon and want to blend in and not stand out like a typical tourist.

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watch and learn my dood

I'm in my 20s dude, I don't think that will work for me.

Have you never been to a major city before, OP? You're going to be pretty fucking disappointed if you think everyone is going to be super fashionable and stylish just because it's NYC. You're going to see more disgusting filthy normies than you've ever seen before.

I guess you should wear:

-Dirty white sneakers
-One very expensive item (gucci belt or whatever)
-And everything else: mismatched shit from the thrift shop, so people will think that you have a diverse and interesting life

Even if you wear your urine mixed with your feces you'll stand out as a tourist.

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That's a man's ass, right?

No. No penis. Stop being gay. This is just a Woman in NYC, dressed in panties. Maybe not normal, but where else would this happen but NYC.

Go around Soho, West side, or Lower Manhattan, and the younger people wear 90s helmut lang, rick owens, issey miyake, etc. things of that vein.

Go to Brooklyn and see people stuck in trends that died 4 years ago.

Go around midtown and everyone will be in suits.

Go to Flushing and everyone will be wearing typical "whatever is most popular currently" streetwear. Flushing is also probably the closest you will get to seeing most people on the street dress well in NYC just because the youth there have extreme expendable income. Everywhere else I listed, for every 1 fashion minded person, there are 13 normals.

TL;DR around the schools people are sort of fashionable, everywhere else people dress normally

Something generic like this.

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This looks like Doc Brown but he went to a time when leg day didn't exist

its on underwear day where a lot of people participate by wearing underwear to work on the train

I don't expect amazing fashion, I was just more interested in what the average person wears.

More specifically what an upper middle class white guy in his 20s wears.

just don't wear skinny jeans

I won't, I never have desu.

It is a man's butt, and you like it.

How the fuck do his legs not break when a gush of wind blows?

fake news, I spend a day in New York and it was the craziest place I've ever been to

Business attire maybe? Looking like a work drone will make you blend in.

no it is not, stop being gay, you are straight not gay. stop lying to yourself.

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