What is the most you have ever spent in a month on clothing?

What is the most you have ever spent in a month on clothing?

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no more than £200

Probably like £500

around 60 euros

Around 1.5k when I bought my last suit and new dress shoes in the same month.

Easily over $1.5K, still dead inside.

Very nice.

What did you buy, user?

Yesterday I just dropped 1000 dollars on a suit. I still need to get shoes and a tie as well.

Getting married is so fucking expensive

This month actually
>170€ for a new jacket
>190€ for a new watch
Already love the jacket so much and honestly waiting for the watch to come in the mail is like waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve. I love spending money on things!

Bought two coats and a shirt in one day; that was easily over $1500. My wedding tux with shirt/bowtie/shoes probably came closer to 2k though.

Why do men still get married in 2018, it’s the worst financial decision you can make

not if you marry a woman who has/makes money.

7000€ on a jacket and 0€ in regrets.

A good pair of dress shoes and a nice tailored suit are easily the best clothing related investments you can make, unless you went for something super gaudy as a theme for your wedding you will be able to use that for decades to come so it's really not all that expensive.

probably like $2k

Less than 300€

You can tell poor people hang out on this board because they talk about what they spend.

Probably around $2000
Bought a leather jacket, 3 pairs of pants, and a couple shirts
I was suicidal and it was the only way to keep me from offing myself by giving myself something to look forward too.

Not a decision you make with your wallet, lonely boy

Not even a robot, and I've been asking myself if it is wise to get married. My girlfriend has told me she doesn't want to marry for at least another 5 years, but she talks about how she wants this extravagant wedding when she does get married, and she wants a big ass diamond ring. What does it all mean though? The divorce rate is just under 50% in my country, and I'm not a gambling man. I have a few borderline chauvinistic opinions that I keep to myself, but it's just a matter of time before I slip up and voice them to my feminist gf. My plan is to never get married desu. I'll probably just donate a bunch of sperm to secure my bloodline, and then live for myself. Maybe this will change in time, and I'll get lonely. But as for right now, I need to learn to love my life before I share it with someone else.

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spent 400 on 2 new shoes and a few tops this past month
didn't need any of it, as in i already has equivalents to all the items i brought
and the money for them came straight out of my savings
and im a poor as fuck student with mounting debt
so i feel like abit of an asshole
but hopefully no more clothes for a wee bit
have removed all the clothing websites from my bookmarks bar which might help
although i could really do with a few new pairs of pants...

Congrats user

about 700 or 800 bucks last month

Because I love her and she's my best friend and if I marry her I get her car and her income gets added to mine.
Benefits mostly

Nope. It's a dark Navy suit so I can still wear it around whenever the occasion requires

60€ + 20€ shipping on a pair of vintage DMs on eBay.

bout tree fiddy

I've literally not spent any money on clothing.

Under $500 i guess

probably ~1000+ aud a couple of times last year

roughly $14k

holy shit, what did you buy?

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manufacturing of custom stuff so kinda a cheat answer, but i don't spend money on clothes otherwise

I can almost say the same, but I fell for the shopping meme a few years ago, unfortunately. I regret almost every purchase, too. Except for one pair of boots I got.

£13.99. broke bruddas out here

Probably about $2.5k this month. I guess I'm still hurting over her...

>it’s the worst financial decision you can make
try having a kid

>she wants a big ass diamond ring

red flag mane