Are mustaches cool again?

Are mustaches cool again?

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is that the black ops 2 guy?

Moustaches are the real fedoras of the facial hair world, not beer.

In order to pull one off, you have to be either old enough to not give a shit, or chadly enough to be able to pull off anything. Just like fedoras.

Yeah. He's a Chad now

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Holy shit is that really him?

Yeah, his name is Ricardo. He's a redditfag

wow he looks a lot better lmao

ricardo looksmaxed

Really bizarre looking people or people with birth defects get a pass on moustaches in my opinion, it's basically just something to distract people

>he still doesn't have long hair

He doesn't have the hairline to pull it off

La Creatura

Didn't he kill himself?

Oh buddy no

I can't remember what team but I was watching a spring training baseball game the other day and several people on the team had mustaches and I thought they were pulling it off pretty well. So maybe.

they never went out of style as long as you're not an ugly moron with shit genetics. I've had one since I was 16 and despite being a faggot, women literally want to suck my dick all day long. helps that I've got amazing genetics .__.

pretty people are pretty

cool stuff is cool on cool people

breaking news at 11


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Fucking SCUM

funny, unpredictable joke

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he's not that bad lmao

so based

No, they're two different dudes who just look insanely alike.

Wow, Adolf was receding...

El Abominacion