Need some sleaze-core inspo

Need some sleaze-core inspo

more like this

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>be regular perestroika era Ivan from Ryazansk
instant sleaze core

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Where to cop

Is satin the best s.c material?

Where is the appeal to this fucking shit? Objectively it looks like crap. Guys won't respect you and women don't like it, unless you're targeting 60 year olds who werre there in the first place.
At least some of the other -wave and -core memes have some sort of cool aesthetic about them, this is pure trash.

>saying something looks objectively crap
>on the fashion board

one of the better ones definetely
you have to live it honestly to pull it off, and the ones who do look fucking crazy aesthetic. It doesnt work for wimpy teens tho

What a stupid fucking term. Those people don't look sleazy. They do look kind of gaudy, except for Thompson, who just looks casual and comfy.

>Guys won't respect you

Choosing your dress style by what you think guys would respect? Lol. Are you gay?

> women don't like it

Pic related. Gets more women than you've had McDonalds.

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>trying to justify cosplaying a Floridan coke addict from the 80s

The term is a term - 95% gothninjas looked like trash bags in clown boots.

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>plebs won't understand it
that's a good thing

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going to Honolulu next week boys, "authentic" hawaiian shirts will be bought

Oh god, I'm so glad I don't buy into every fucking trend like most people on this board.

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>"I'm so glad I don't buy into every fucking trend like most people on this board."
>posts a Fantano reaction pic

never going to make it

u should develop a bad fentanyl habit and be homeless for a few months (only like ironically in a Veeky Forums way, actual hobos are gross LOL) and sleep outside and eat out of dumpsters. make sure u let some dirty bikers use ur butthole for drug money too, ur clothes will be fucking nasty looking in no time. instant sleazecore. no need to thank me, enjoy ur new /effay/ lifestyle homie

Bumping for the sleaz haters

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The Nice Guys has some good inspo, on top of being a decent movie

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the official sleaze legend

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w2c watch

>Three of the most handsome and photogenic men in Hollywood look good wearing trashy clothes therefore my skelly-mode body and pale, greasy face will also be able to pull it off!

>inb4 people unironically post lil uzi vert wearing a dress and a purse
Oh shit, that already happened. This board needs to be burned and salted baka.


is that burado pitto?

legit looks like a cosplayer. hope this isn't actually you

Ben Cobb is pretty sleazy. Check some of his stuff out

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This is fucking horrible

of you dont like it, its not for you, pretty simple

It's so sad that this man doesn't even know of his own greatness.

Just start doing a bunch of blow, and live near a beach.
Particularly in Florida or California.

was this movie good?

Dude look at him, he knows.

God among humans

The fits in this movie are so fuckn good

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He's king of Sleaze imo

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real mothafukkin G

out of those three only brad is good looking

It's fun. Appropriately updated version of buddy cop movie. It's not as quippy as you might expect, which was refreshing. A lot of solid physical humor

would only consider wearing second from left

w2c pants

i like it, fuck everyone else

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He looks pretty shit in this pic