Was he Veeky Forums?

Was he Veeky Forums?

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no he belonged in a mental institution

implying mental institute core isn't effay

I'd say so, if only because of how many dorks made it clear his style couldn't easily be replicated

don't buy white leather jackets with a scorpion on the back lads
you won't be cool

What if you're still a dork who tries to steal his style, but just don't use the jacket?

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Post it.

this is fucking gold

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then you're safe

>buying a new car
top pleb

it's almost like a guy with a 10/10 face and good build can pull off anything....

really activates the action potential in my neural synapses

Well at least he fucked
Damn I love Drive greentexts

>A fucking Cancuck mutt
>Veeky Forums
fuck off

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What was better, Drive or Baby Driver?

>tfw you have wonky eyes like Gooseboy

How bad is this? Goose helped me reconcile with it but I still try to hide it in photos.

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Baby Driver would be lit if that faggot listened to trap music and not gay shit. It was in Atlanta, cmon.

One of my eyebrows and eyes is higher than the other. It doesn't matter and no one notices

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the whole niche of the movie is the score. go watch other driver movies and you'll understand what I'm saying

Do Henley's look effay if you're skinny?

Absolutely not. Well, no shirt looks good if you're skinny, but something about the buttons accentuates it.

Do pushups right now son

>Buy the jacket for the lols
>Went into a party with it
>A thot literally jumps on me and starts making out with me

I would say that the problem with this style is that too many fat virgins and lanklets get it thinking they are going to accomplish something with it, but it looks ridiculous on them

i usually think "x doesn't work if you're x" statements are bullshit but in this case i think it's true - henleys absolutely do not work on guys if you're not at least somewhat built

speaku for yourserfu

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wrong watch

No. Although you don't have to big either. Goslings arms are about 14 1/2 inches in Drive. An average guy has around 13 inch arms (fatceps don't count)

In almost all of his scenes he will do some curls before filming to give his arm a pump and make it look better which is common in all of Hollywood.

If you have 11 inch arms you'd just look scrawny. This is fa though so that's most people here.

The jacket was cringe-tier retardation. But everything else was really good.

>implying mental institute core isn't effay

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I act like him anyway. I just don't have the money to afford the car and stuff

If this really happen I tip my hat to you.

Post more Drive memes

yes for a bean


W2C boots?

Never mind, Stacy Adams shit.

W2C decent quality boots similar to that?

t. fat virgin imagination

I like his style. Where can I find a jacket like that

>used to be alcoholic
>had eyes like that
>stopped drinking
>eyes back to normal
My 2013 license pic looked so fucking horrible compared to my 2018 license pic.

Pretty sure alcohol has nothing to do with your face being physically crooked. It's not like it makes your bones soggy and makes you droop

If it was me I wouldn't get them in taupe