Why do Americans dress like poor people? I am a yuropoor, but I wouldn't stand out in America...

Why do Americans dress like poor people? I am a yuropoor, but I wouldn't stand out in America. They approach me because they feel intimidated by the normal looking "classy" people. I see it in their eyes. They're culturally retarded. Even our street thugs look like regular citizens to them. No wonder they think we're rude. They mistake the poor and degenerates for decent people, and the decent people for royalty.

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come to think of it brits are almost as bad

I thought it was just a meme until I visited myself
I went to some boardwalk and saw fully grown people dressing like literal children, baggy cargos, tshirts with superheroes or brands, white Nike socks and some generic gray sneakers
I was wearing my casual suit and everyone thought I was the CEO or something

shit b8 m8

I am poor and will outclass any american any day.

El monstruo...

>I went to some boardwalk and saw fully grown people dressing like literal children, baggy cargos, tshirts with superheroes or brands, white Nike socks and some generic gray sneakers
that's pretty much how the average European dresses in summer minus the superhero t-shirt.

Eating and dressing like shit is the only freedom they have

They're mostly circumcised, aka slaves. Who would expect a slave to know fashion? They're more concerned with returning to the womb than looking good.

Also, Britain is no better. But in my neck of the woods, people dress great. My town is 1 in 10000 tho

What's wrong with circumcision?

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french here. everyone dresses like garbage, everywhere. america is especially bad but the average person in any country does not care for their own appearance

Have you ever met a European man? The difference is pretty startling when compared to Amerislaves and I have to imagine circumcision (of the mind) has something to do with it.

Also what's Veeky Forums about not even having a foreskin lol that's like... Jewish and gross

Is it true that not dressing in walmart-tier clothes is conidered gay in america?

>I wouldn't stand out in America

Have you ever been? You'd definitely stand out as a yuropoor unless you go to bum fuck nowhere, just like any other country.

Depending on where you are, but for the most part, yes. If you tuck in your shirt or wear a trench coat or something you're a faggot.

Such is circumslave land.

Yeah pretty much.

No, because it is implied that american on average overall look less refined than europeans. So much so that a poorfag from a classy and culturally rich european city will look generic in the streets of the you ass eh. Because we have higher standards. Get it?

caring about your appearance is for homosexuals

your mum gay

>my casual suit

Real talk: The U.S. is a country with a history founded largely on Protestantism (and more specifically Puritanism). A lot of the American Protestant ethic is entrenched in the culture. For instance there is a weird notion that work for work's sake is a virtue (which is probably why so many of the conservatives here resist updating their industries to more efficient / expedient and cleaner models). I think the Puritan / Protestant ethic is also at fault for why so many Americans don't only ignore the idea of aesthetic value, but have a straight up disdain for intellectualism and for aesthetics / beauty.

It's an extension of an old fear of the devil (arrogant and corruptable rationalism), and definitely a retaliation of Protestants against the Catholic church, which was definitely more concerned with beauty and aesthetics, but exploited its followers by siphoning their wealth in order to bolster the overall wealth / power of the catholic church.

So now instead, Americans have mega-churches made of drywall and 2x4s, with no real decoration, and giant, plaster Mormon Churches, as well as Televangelists who fly giant, ugly jets around for fun. We don't even get any pretty golden, bleedy Jesuses out of it anymore.

Location, Location,Location In my city (NYC) people wear decent clothing (Not counting NYU students and minorities.)

Morning aesthetics are the worst.

>I am a yuropoor
people from low socioeconomic areas are obsessed with looking like they are not

t. yuropoor who got out, god those people are stuck in pre WW2 era of social relations (happy when others are doing worse)

try fedoralounge, i think you find more like minded dapper gentlemen there than here

i have always found the american obsession with circumcision weird. you know that foreskin does have a function, it isn't just dead flesh. stupid americans...

it also makes sex less enjoyable because the exposed head gets loses sensation

The morning is for mourning.

>yuropoor who got out
screw you

good thread

Going to Japan then coming back was hilarious. Everyone in Japan wears buisiness casual while in the US everyone dresses either polo and shorts or like they're trying to star in a rap video.

>not unjewing yourself via pic related in about 2 years

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Can confirm. People dress the same at 15 as they do at 40 unless they have an office job.

t. American

lets be honest here, americans ARE poor people. they engage in 30 year mortgages and 15% of them live on food tickets. you might have gotten the wrong idea that high salaries = high purchasing power

Dude the funny thing is I go to Mexico for vacation to visit family. And the people over there actually dress nicely. Goes wear watches with polo shits and jeans. Despite it being a poorer country they actually dress nicely. Unlike here. Mexicans are also different to Mexican americans

Yet Protestant Prussia had something to look up to besides work, a great community and leader and most importantly for this conversation a high standard of dress and culture besides work, consume, repeat. You can't blame it all on Protestantism, America is lacking much more than the Pope.

Its not just Protestantism, but a mixture of different factors. A good part of it is individualism mixed with egalitarianism: Americans, as a people, don't feel the need to have to impress. The common man is idealized: look at folk heroes from Davy Crockett to Steve Jobs. The American is a temporarily embarrassed millionaire. He feels that outside of where it is forced, why should he dress to impress? All are ultimately equal and he is just as good as anyone else. Instead, comfort is pushed. The reason that more continue to dress sloppily is that this has mixed with materialism and consumerism to promote brand clothing and consumer comfort: you need Nike sweat pants because they are the most conformable and the most expensive. Thus they become popular, in order to sell more.

tl;dr i'm full of shit and spewing it on an anonymous message board. .

America is lacking what? Not being the most powerful civilization in the history of planet Earth?

Where is this shithole?

american/western culture is just pure garbage

>His bland outfits may seem dull, but Zuckerberg has a legitimate reason for donning the same T-shirt every day. He claims dressing in the same way allows him to focus his energy on more important decisions at work.

You euros just choose to believe that Americans dress unfashionably because it corroborates your elitist complex (everyone’s got one). In reality, there are things that are much more important than fashion, and as long as you don’t stand out too much and your clothes are clean you are dressing acceptably. As for the specific reasons why Americans tend to wear looser fitting clothing, I imagine it has to do with weather and the enduring American ideal of the man who works with his hands.

Australia is generally far hotter than America, and yet they still tend to dress better than Amerimutts. You can't put it all on comfort.

There is definitely something to the European character - with pros and cons, like everything - and once you accept this you can notice how it changes from North, South, East and Western Europe.

>american/western culture
this is not possible in one sentence

probably bulgaria or rumania

Where the fuck are you from? Not the case in Copenhagen that's for sure.

This. A lot of Americans think Europeans/South Americans/Asians are "gayer" because more of them dress well and groom themselves when they leave the house. Meanwhile we have full-grown men dressed in Pokemon merchandise
t. American

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I love it, just means it's easier to impress everyone with just a little bit of effort.

Amerimutt are not human to begin with

loser mindset

Not op, but Finland for example


t. average American guy who likes to dress presentably

romanian, can confirm

honestly if you go to america and nobody thinks you are gay you probably should kill yourself

zuckerberg just dresses like a tech nerd because 1) he is a tech nerd 2) he needs to look as relateable as possible since he is the owner of a giant panopticon company and already looks like a fucking lizard person, any worse and he'd be lynched

Just was in Paris and on average people dress better than anywhere else I‘ve been

I don't know, the Dutch are some of the best dressed in europe for supposedly having a long history of cultural "modesty", and their churches are bare and super protestant

ALL diaspora in America is trashy as shit. Arab americans are all about bling, Italian americans are jersey shore guidos without taste, mexican americans are cholo gangsta bums, irish americans are drunk street fighters, jewish americans are obese rainbow haired freaks. I think America just shits up people.

Imagine being so obsessed with Americans you let them live free in your head 24/7

Any european ever want to visit america but have no opportunity just visit a homeless shelter to get the basic idea.

>I was wearing my casual suit
Weak bait, brother

I try to dress overtly proletarian

We're just bad with money

>le people dress better in europe meme
fucking neck yourself yuropoor faggot

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>yuropoor who got out
this dosnt happen in Europe, nice try amerifag

>join US discord server
>most people in the server dont know anything about clothes
>initiate "clothes are just for function and should cost alot of money" meme
>one of them says they´ve been thinking about buying a shirt with a refrence to their favorite video game
>immediately leave server

What is it with americans and their weird obseesion with telling you what kind of tv shows and other types of media they enjoy by putting it on a shirt bu

*but as soon as you introdouce them to the idea that clothes arent necessarily just for function they just sperg out.

Also it seems americans are more prone to buying overpriced merch clohting but that could just be me

>implying you aren’t a slave to fashion

shouldnt cost alot of money*

You’re just bad at everything

I'm not complaining. I can wear a fitted shirt and pants to class and everyone thinks I'm some fashion icon. I'm glad we have the bar low so I can stand out


I am a poorfag and everyone I know is also a poorfag that can barely afford to pay for rent and food. When you're already stretching your money thin you don't have room to obsess over clothes

what are you doing here then you disgusting pleb